6 Life Skills You Should Master If You Are In Your 20s

Your twenties is the prime time of your life, when you’re young, in good health, have all the time in the world (well not all when you’re a Pakistani college going student because you’re most likely being pressurized into scoring good grades to make a better life for yourself and not to forget make yourself marriageable, hence studying day and night most of the time) yet, there’s always some time we can make for ourselves here and there.

Here are skills to learn in your 20s you should master and utilize your time

Be Honest – To Yourself


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Realize that there are some things that you have an aptitude for and others you are not so good at. Gauge your abilities, recognize the things you like and excel at and focus on that. Being true and honest with yourself, it will then take you a long way to a simpler and happier life.

Strive To Strike A Balance


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A lot of people feel that their twenties is the time when they are free from responsibilities, young enough to party as much as they can. While there is nothing wrong with enjoying your life to fullest at this time, there is also the need to realize that this is the time to strive and to strike a balance in your life. Don’t get too carried away, it is also imperative that you plan a routine and stick to it. In the long run, this will not only help you get your life in order with time to spare for everything that you want/need to indulge into – socializing, studying, working etc. Your youth is the best time to learn the importance of moderation.

Read & Learn


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Reading is one of the best activities that you can train yourself to do in order to help yourself. You don’t necessarily have to read everything you come across, it is always smarter to read stuff where your interests lie – whether it is fiction, history, economics, science etc. Reed deeply about the subject matter you are interested in, it will not only improve your reading and writing skills, but you will also master the subject by keeping tabs on the recent happenings (and sound oh-so-intellectual while joining in on a discussion here and there).

Experiment & Failure

Your twenties are the time you’re allowed to make as many mistakes as you like. And we all know that when you experiment in life, it does not necessarily guarantee that you will succeed. However, do not fall prey to disappointment and use it as an opportunity to try something else, something new. Try your hand at random things which are out of your comfort zone and as they say, good things happen when you go for experiment.

Learn to Cook


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You don’t have to become a master chef in order to prove that you know how to cook, however, you can always learn the basics such as how to make an egg, sandwich, tea etc. Today, to learn how to cook has been made easier with all the tutorial videos available on the internet.

Travel & Invest in Experiences


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Travel, travel, travel and invest in experiences as much as you can. Do not settle for materialistic wishes and items in your life, save money and plan a trip of your lifetime. Plan to set off to foreign lands either with your friends, family or alone. Go globe-trotting and allow the world to inspire you. You will learn a lot from the good and bad experiences, make new friends, and explore endless opportunities.

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