Here’s Why Everyone Is Talking About Babu Bhai, Karachi’s BunKabab Wala!

Disclaimer: This post is written by a Lahori foodie.

Karachi, the City of Light hands-down offers the 2nd best food in Pakistan (first being Lahore, that is). However, when it comes to BunKabab, Karachi beats every city and Bunkabab maker present in entire Pakistan. All because of the legendary Babu Bhai.

Twitter: @FoodFeed

Twitter: @FoodFeed

Located in the heart of Karachi’s Burn Road, the name of Babu Bhai lives in heart of people since 1967. Babu Bhai continues the legacy of serving the best BunKababs in Karachi by using the same stall his father used when this family business started in 1948.

Here’s a video of how Babu Bhai serves hundreds of Karachites every day:

Babu Bhai also shared the ingredients, which include: special bun, green chutney, onions, beef patty, egg and Babu Bhai’s love, dedicated and hard-work.

This was one of the most recommended dishes when I visited Karachi two years back and I cannot thank my Karachite friends enough for making me try this.

Here’s something Lahore may not be able to produce: the best ever Bunkabab as Karachi wins it there.

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