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hamza-ali-abbasi-1Hamza Ali Abbasi is a Pakistani cinema, motion picture and TV performer. He was born on the 23rd day of June, 1984 in Multan. He is famous for his characters in Pyaare Afzal, Mere Dard Ko Jo Zubaan Milay and Mann Mayal. Just as distinguished for his charming and dashing appearance and performing skills, Hamza Ali Abbasi is an innovative sensation in the Pakistani production industry.



hamza-ali-abbasi-2Hamza Ali Abbasi started his performing vocation in 2006 in the show Dally in the Dark, which was delivered by Shah Sharabeel. He prepared his film first appearance in a short film, The Glorious Resolve in 2010 which was directed by Bilal Lashari. In 2013, he showed up in two element movies, Main Hoon Shahid Afridi and Waar, for which he got the Best Star Debut Male and Best Supporting Actor grants at the first ARY Film Awards. He got laud for playing the parallel lead in the rom-com Jawani Phir Nahi Ani in the year 2013.


Personal Details

hamza-ali-abbasi-3He was instinctive and brought up in the city of Multan. He is skillfully functioning as a CSS Officer in conjunction with the association with television industry. He spent his childhood and teenages in Multan with his sister Fazeela Abbasi who is a successful doctor. His dad Major Mazhar Ali Abbasi was an armed force officer and his mom Begum Nasim Akhtar Chaudhry is as of now a Member of the National Assembly speaking to Pakistan People’s Party.

His family has dependably been an incredible support particularly his dad and his sister who roused him a great deal. His dad dependably said, ‘Be the best at whatever you do.’ As for his mom, she has not conversed with him appropriately since the day he exited his occupation as a cop. He have never confronted his mom for anything besides as indicated by him, this was something he needed to do.


Enchanting and modest, brilliant and unpretentious, attractive and skilled, Hamza Ali Abbasi has a total “goodness” element in his temperament.

Since his youth, he generally had energy for acting and film making. Despite the fact that he never needed to be a stagnant performing artist, making movies was his goal. He never say no to the work. He has battled a considerable measure for being a noticeable face in this industry. He didn’t have cash or ventures. His expedition has for the most part been about a skirmish of existence in the industry.

hamza-ali-abbasi-5Abbasi completed his studies in the United States and came back to Pakistan to seek after his vocation. In the year 2006 he began off with his profession subsequent to getting preparing of film making from United States. In the year 2006 he started with the theater acting. Some of his well-known theater plays are Bombay Dreams, Phantom of the Opera and Home is Where Your Clothes Are. He also emphasized himself in numerous commercials also including with Jazz, Zong, Cadbury Dairy Milk and Candi Biscuits.



hamza-ali-abbasi-6Hamza Ali Abbasi began his profession in 2006 and now has increased monstrous popularity all over Pakistan through his two blockbuster motion pictures; Main Hoon Shahid Afridi and Waar. He demonstrated his flexibility in the diverse characters he played in these two films which were the glaring inverse of each other. He prepared himself as one of the most noticeable ones by performing in the character of Azam in the production titled as Meray Dard Ko Zuban Miley. In the year 2014, he became more striking and remarkable because of his role and acting in the dramatization Pyare Afzal. He got the popularity through a show pyaare Afzal publicized on ARY Digital. As of late he was found in the renowned Mann Mayal with his co-star Maya Ali.


hamza-ali-abbasi-9Hamza Ali Abbasi is one of the prevalent and understood Pakistani performing artists and models of Pakistan. This capable and shining star of Pakistani media outlet has done extraordinary work in an exceptionally restricted traverse of time. He is set to host a show on Bol TV as well.

In the wake of getting incredible accomplishment from dramatization serials and a shrewd part in motion picture Waar, it is normal that this super gifted on-screen character of Pakistan will make extraordinary tallness of progress in not so distant upcoming. Hamza Ali Abbasi was offered with an Indian motion picture Baby which he did not agree to take.

Another fascinating point about Hamza Ali Abbasi is that he is exceptionally famous and most loved among young ladies in view of his dynamic and pleasant looks. During the show serial of Pyare Afzal, Pakistani women and young ladies even overlooked the obsession of Ashar (Fawad Khan) from Humsafar.


Blockbuster Mann Mayal

hamza-ali-abbasi-10Mann Mayal is a Pakistani TV sentimental show serial that broadcasted on Hum TV from January 25, 2016 to September 5, 2016. It is composed by Samira Fazal and coordinated by Haseeb Hassan. The arrangement fixates on the lives of Manahil and Salahuddin (Hamza Ali Abbasi) who fall for each other, however because of their social class contrasts Salahuddin declines to wed Manahil. She then lives in an oppressive marriage, while Salahuddin prevails in his desire. Manahil’s life deteriorates and she takes assistance from Salahuddin for her children, driving them to fall for each other for a second time.


Pyaare Afzal

Pyaare Afzal has been airing on Indian Channel Zindagi TV for a couple of weeks now. The show was a major accomplishment in Pakistan on account of many reasons and now individuals in India have become hopelessly enamored with the dramatization as well. The viewers in India love Hamza Ali Abbasi in performing the character of Afzal and they are currently likewise anticipating watching his up and coming film.

hamza-ali-abbasi-8An extreme hit, Pyaare Afzal is the tale of a cheerful man, Afzal (Hamza Ali Abbasi), from a poor upbringing, becoming hopelessly enamored with a factory proprietor’s daughter, Farah, played by Ayeza Khan. The sentimental dramatization rotates around Afzal’s gloomy love, a stretch with a Karachi hoodlum horde lastly, his union with his genuine romance.

Pyaare Afzal was an unmitigated hit with the nearby gathering of people so much that the show’s last scene was publicized at film screens, creating it so far another famous dramatization after Humsafar to hit the extra large screen. With Abbasi’s splendid acting, Khalil-ur-Rehman’s enthusiastic script and Nadeem Baig’s extraordinary heading, it’s no big surprise Pyaare Afzal got such a staggering reaction in the neighboring country.


Civil Service Officer

The reality of the matter is that Hamza have acted as a civil service officer. He has done CSS and he was doing work in Police aggregate. He surrendered from his occupation for the reason that of his desire for film making. This was the lone cause that his mom has not been conversing with him legitimately from the time when he cleared out his occupation from Police bunch.


Political Career

At the point when Hamza Ali Abbasi joined Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf, it was a snapshot of astound for some in light of the fact that Hamza’s mom’s political connection lie with the Pakistan People’s Party. The producer has frequently discussed his deference for the originator of PPP, Zulfikar Ali Bhutto, and has communicated arranges about making a motion picture on his life. In any case, unmistakably to the extent legislative issues goes, the actor’s loyalties lie with PTI. The sprouting star has been a faithful adherent of Imran Khan’s gathering for quite a while.

hamza-ali-abbasi-11Hamza Ali Abbasi said that he had confidence in PTI’s headship and motivation hence he felt that it was his obligation to be a piece of this political gathering with the goal that he can serve his nation enhanced. As far back as Hamza has linked with PTI, he has been extremely vocal on Social Networking websites about his vision on the political tragedies in the nation. He has been motivating his admirers and devotees to make the wisest decision to set Pakistan on the right way. It is not an amaze that Hamza Ali has been assigned with an essential duty in the party which is in accordance with his calling likewise in a limited ability to focus time. Hamza Ali has been assigned as PTI Karachi’s Secretary Culture. The gathering’s Karachi President Ali H. Zaidi made that declaration on January 23.

Ban on Hamza Ali Abbasi

Hamza is notable for his straight-forward perspectives on legislative issues or whatever else he feels unequivocally about. Unafraid of debate, his Facebook posts is the stuff of legends: taking stands in contradiction of item dances “I am personally very fond of every local actress who has done an item song but they don’t seem to realize that we have a promising industry that doesn’t need to sell its movies through lewd dances,” says the actor, expressing gratitude toward the Afghan Taliban, and censuring Nobel Prize champ Malala Yousafzai, to give some examples.

He was likewise one of only a handful few individuals who raised the issue of starving youngsters in dry spell stricken Thar and one of only a handful few requesting equity for the manhandled offspring of Kasur. The one time culture secretary for PTI is a democratic, who’s a large number of admirers and supporters love him not only for his part as Pyaare Afzal but rather the way he appears to defend what they see as conventional qualities.

There is not anything the Pakistani community cherishes more than a Kharra Banda, one who talks his psyche and says hang the outcomes. Couple this with his film star great looks and his superstar rank has achieved famous heights.

It is anything but difficult to treat those we concur with well, how we treat the individuals who vary with us is the genuine trial of both our understanding and our resilience. In a clearing move, PEMRA has banned both Shabbir Abu Talib, host of TV One’s Ramazan transmission amid which Hamza was cruelly condemned and Hamza from their individual shows.

Good and bad are not equivalent, prompting viciousness and facilitating an exchange gathering are two totally extraordinary things and ought not to be lumped in a similar classification. One of the essential standards of any free civilization is the capacity to differ with each other consciously. Nobody needed to concur with anything Hamza said they simply needed to listen and put their own contention forward.



  • Year 2006 : Dally in the Dark
  • Year 2007 : Bombay Dreams
  • Year 2007 : Home is Where Your Clothes Are
  • Year 2007 : The Addams Family
  • Year 2008 : Phantom Of the Opera
  • Year 2009 : Tom, Dick and Harry
  • Year 2010 : Moulin Rouge
  • Year 2011 : Bombay Dreams



  • Year 2011 : The Glorious Resolve as Tariq
  • Year 2011 : Mud house And the Golden Doll as Malang
  • Year 2013 : Main Hoon Shahid Afridi as Maulvi Majeed
  • Year 2013 : Waar as Ehtisham
  • Year 2015 : Jawaani Phir Nahi Aani as Saif
  • Year 2016 : Ho Mann Jahan as Malang Baba
  • Year 2016 :Tharak La Ilaj Hai as Aamir
  • Year 2017 :Maula Jatt 2 as Noori Nath
  • Year 2017 :Shaan e Ishq as Mehwish’s brother
  • Year TBA :Kambakht (TBA)
  • Year TBA :Parwaaz Hay Junoon (TBA)


  • Year 2012 : Mere Dard Ko Jo Zuban Milay as Azam
  • Year 2013-2015 : Burka Avenger as Baba Bandook
  • Year 2013 : Pyare Afzal as Afzal Subhanullah
  • Year 2013 : EkTha Raja or ek Thi Rani as Farhan
  • Year 2013 : Gullo Weds Gooli as Gullo
  • Year 2016 : Mann Mayal as Salahuddin



  • Hosted 3rd Hum Awards in 2015
  • Hosted 1st ARY Film Awards in 2014



  • Year 2013 : ARY Film Awards for Waar for Best Supporting Actor Male
  • Year 2013 : ARY Film Awards for Main Hoon Shahid Afridi for Best Star Debut Male
  • Year 2015 : Lux Style Awards for Pyarey Afzal Best TV Actor Male
  • Year 2016 : ARY Film Awards for Jawani Phir Nahi Aani Best Supporting Actor Male

Quitting The Showbiz Industry in 2019

In November 2020, to pursue his journey towards Islam, Hamza Ali Abbasi has decided to quit his successful showbiz career. Although the news did not come as a surprise and because in the past, many celebrities have done the same. In a 23-minute long video, he vowed to spread Islam in whichever way possible. He also added a disclaimer, saying that his decision was not a publicity stunt but purely out of his sense of duty as a Muslim.

Here’s the complete video of Hamza’s announcement

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