These Pakistani Women Reflect Upon The Horrors Of Body Shaming They Faced In Their Lives

Social accountability is a far-fetched, long lost and forgotten attribute among the people of our society. It is easy for anyone to judge and label another person on grounds of their appearance and alike in our society. One of our society’s worst vice is body shaming.

Body shaming is a major issue that has entangled our society. Whether it be men or women, they have been put through the horrors of facing other people’s remarks about the way they look. People easily find their business in judging and putting labels on others for their appearances.

If you come to empathize with a victim who has faced or continues to face body shaming, you would realize that it is not easy to tolerate and every person has a breaking point. Sadly, if people were empaths, they would not indulge in it in the first place.

Source: Beauty Redefined

Source: Beauty Redefined

How body-shaming is affecting our society

Look around, you will definitely find people who have been put through shame for their bodies. They are depressed, dejected and are conditioned to believe the atrocious remarks against them.

Body shaming victims, women, in particular, continue to face this problem, regardless of what they say or do. The fact that our society incorporates body shaming in gestures including jokes, small talks etc., it has become a maddening problem that still needs to be addressed by our society.

These Pakistani women have taken the leap to address the issue and reflect upon the problem of body shaming that they faced in their lives.

Watch as they share society’s remarks against them in a powerful way:

Voices of real victims who have been brave enough to make us realize what we have considered so mere is actually traumatic for them. It is an absolutely subjective call to consider body shaming innocuous.

Experiences of these women, in particular, are parallel with the experiences of most women in Pakistan. It is a unanimous claim and enough for one to realize what women go through.

Source: TechNewsWorld

Source: TechNewsWorld

We think being bullied is only a part of our childhood and fail to recognize something as apprehensive as body shaming nowhere close to the atrocity bullying is.

It is indeed bullying, regardless of one’s age is subjected to face. There are many women in our society who have come to hate themselves, always find discrepancies in themselves for being victims of body shaming. They are so deeply conditioned by it that they do not come to realize it is not a problem and no one has business in passing remarks on their bodies.

Body shaming needs to stop. Live and let live.

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