After Neelam Muneer, Beenish Chohan Jumps On The ‘Dancing-In-Car’ Bandwagon

It is a fact that the social media landscape is changing every few seconds. Due to the easy access of internet, a single picture or a video goes viral in a matter of minutes. 2016 was the year of rising social media trends in Pakistan and it seems that 2017 would be the same! Beenish Chohan is  now following her seniors’ footsteps.

From January 30 to February 2, one after another, about eight videos have gone viral. It all started with Sheikh Rasheed’s obsession of Biryani, then came the Wadere ka Beta with the not-so-impressive protocol, the video of Waqar Zaka who was beaten by a group of boys and  Faisal Vawda – PTI member jumped into the list with his motorbike and protocol of 4-5 police mobiles. And as if these weren’t enough, Neelam Muneer’s video of dancing inside a car was leaked.

Now, another Pakistani actress – Beenish Chohan has jumped on the bandwagon with her latest video of dancing in a car.

However, it is not confirmed that if the video is leaked or if it’s a publicity stunt.


Source: HA Drama

The LUX Style Award winner, for the best leading female role in “Pehli Boond, has worked with renowned media production houses. Beenish earned huge fame with her powerful character in Mera Saeen Season 1 and 2, Dil Diya Dehleez and Sasural Meri Behen Ka but she has almost disappeared from mainstream media and is working with PTV these days. So, this video might be a publicity stunt.

Dekhna bhi hai or bolna bhi hai is the universal rule of Pakistanis. They love to criticize but THEY DO WATCH THE WHOLE VIDEO for true, genuine and fair criticism!

They are making reaction videos and these are much cheaper than the original ones.

Check out the parody of Neelam Muneer by Muneer Bhai.

Social media trends aren’t a bad thing, we could use it for social activities and positive purposes like we’ve promoted the Chaiwala and Tayyaba, the victim of child abuse. We have the ability to change; we can restore the faith of foreigners in Pakistan, but if only we could…


Source: BuzzFeed

The new trend is uncalled for and is making people very ambiguous. Some are even claiming that all these actresses are making these videos on purpose just as a trend. Well, conspiracy theories will stay around and the world will keep revolving.

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