Andrew Tate Converts To Islam, Prayers Image Goes Viral

Andrew Tate converted to islam

Nowadays a lot of viral videos circulate all over social media platforms, but there’s one video that has been spreading in the streets of the internet like fire and taking every platform to storm.

There’s one particular video getting viral where controversial influencer Andrew Tate, who recently spoke with Piers Morgan after being banned from all social media sites, apparently converted to Islam.

Source: Sky News

In shock right? No one can bear the news and raise various questions all over social media.

Andrew Tate, is a former professional kickboxer known for his outrageous controversial statements. His statements led him to the ban from all social media platforms.

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For those who don’t know, Andrew Tate rose to fame from the reality TV Show “Bigg Brother” and inside the house, a clip of him resurfaced online which resulted in his removal from the show.

Andrew Tate Converted To Islam:

Apart from his statement about accepting Islam, a video of him from his visit to Dubai, UAE, went viral over the internet. In the video, he was seen praying next to Tam Khan, who said he was just taking time to accept Islam publicly.

Source: Euro Weekly news

And with that viral video netizens react to his sudden conversion.

One user believes he didn’t do it for the right reason. “Hearing news that Andrew Tate has converted to Islam.

Everyone knows he didn’t do it for spiritual reasons but because being a Muslim shelters you from criticism by woke liberals and makes you immune to cancel culture.”

Muslims Jump With excitement

Another targeted the right point of Muslim’s inherited nature. “Andrew Tate lost all his social media platforms. Now he is “converting” to Islam.

He knows Muslims jump with excitement if anyone converts. He spots gullibility & how to control his next target of people. This man wants to be treated like a king. He has found his audience.”

One of the users wrote, “‎As Muslims, Allah (swt) has given us so many role models. Islam is a religion where you literally need not look elsewhere. Where did we go wrong for our young men to take people like Andrew Tate as role models over the prophets? Ahlul Bayt? The companions? الله المستعان”

Andrew’s conversation with Islam raises a lot of questions, but there are some people out there who allegedly converted to Islam after being inspired by a TV drama. Yes! a couple converted to Islam after watching Dirilis: Ertugrul.

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