Momina Mustehsan Just Showed the Keyboard Warriors what Women Empowerment really Means!

The highlight of last year’s Coke Studio – Momina Mustehsan. Since her debut in one of Pakistan’s finest music shows, Momina has been everywhere for all the right reasons. The very talented singer has given her voice to anthems and various musical performances as well.

However, with stardom comes a dark side which public figures often go through on the internet. Momina, alongside various other public figures, are often seen being bullied on the cyber space. For what reasons? Nothing, really.

The envious, intolerant behavior of social media users accounts to cyber harassment which public figures go through. In addition to this, women are always the target of this harassment.

Columnist Fifi Haroon Shared her Take on Female Pakistani Celebrities Being Harassed on the Internet

Momina’s name was on the list and the social media users are pretty aware of how the singer is often bullied on the cyberspace.

At the Same Time, Junoon’s Salman Ahmed Appreciated Momina’s Skills

Being Extremely Out of Context, One Social Media User Shared his Notion about Pakistani Women Being Bold, to which Momina had a Fitting Response

After this Reply, Another Social Media Male User “Conveniently” Brought Islam to the Discussion

Maintaining her Graceful Attitude, Momina’s Tweet Couldn’t Have Been More Appropriate

On User Made a Row of Questions for the Singer to Answer

And Look at Her Replies!

Momina Shared how She has Always Had the Support of her Father and Brothers

Men Always Ask: “What About Men Who are Tortured by Women?” – Momina had a Reply for that As Well

Another Man asked how Men are not Allowed to go to Malls (in Lahore) Without a Female’s Company

Couldn’t Agree with Momina More!

Twitter: Momina Mustehsan

One has to Love how all of these Questions were Raised by Men and How they were Bringing Islam and its Allowance and Disallowance towards Women ONLY

Twitter: Momina Mustehsan

Regardless of what your opinion regarding Momina as a singer is, she just proved how great of a human being she is by showing her care for women empowerment.

When people like Momina show their interest in the welfare of the society, it sets an example. She is a public figure being followed by many – alongside the fact that she is a woman who acknowledges to the wrongdoing of this same society.

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