This Heartwarming Pakistani Ad Is Making Every Adult Go Hug Their Mothers And Man, This Is Too Cute!

We all just witnessed Mother’s Day celebration are happening all over the world and in Pakistan, people were, too, celebrating it in full swing as well. Our social media feeds were and are still flooded with adorable pictures of people with their mothers; simply expressing their utmost love for her!

There’s no doubt about the fact that a mother’s love is the most powerful on earth. However, McDonald’s totally hit us right in the feels this Mother’s Day with their latest ad which is full of emotions!

Have a look at this beautiful ad! Oh my heart!

We’re not crying, you are!

But that’s not all! This ad literally melted everyone’s heart and sab ki aankhen bhar ayi theen! Have a look!

We were not joking!



It’s amazing to see the bond a mother and her child shares. The love and understanding between the two are beyond imagination. It is true that the mother-daughter bond is more powerful than we think it is. However, this particular ad gives away a beautiful, strong message. The daughter in the video is a working woman who’s caught up with her busy schedule. However, deep down inside, she knows she needs to take care of her mother and her needs.

The ad, at the climax, reveals that all the calls the working woman had been getting, were not from her child, as almost everyone expected. She takes through the McDonald’s drive-thru and buys a meal, only to reveal in the end that it wasn’t the woman’s child, but her aging mother who craved her attention and love so badly. The sudden shift of the plot shows how the mothers who once raised us as children, need love and care once they are gray and old.  And indeed, it is safe to say that #MamtaEkJazba hai!

We love how much thought has been put into this beautiful and heartwarming ad! We wish all the mothers and daughters to share this loving bond and may the bond between them grow stronger with each passing day!

What are your thoughts about this? If you loved it, let us know in the comments below!

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