Best Time To Visit Pakistan For Tourists? Any Month Of The Year!!

The most common search related to any country is the best time to visit. I have done it and you have done it as well, that’s why you are reading this article. You want to know, what is the best time to visit Pakistan? Well, there is no right or wrong answer here. Because honestly anytime is the best time, you are the one responsible for making it the best time. So, if you wanna make that Pakistan itinerary and laminate that puppy before you head out and land in the land of the pure. You are at the right place.

Through this article, I will tell you what are the things you can do in Pakistan at different times of the year. So, get your notepad and pen ready and continue reading.

Winter (November-March) – The best time to visit Pakistan

Pakistan is a complete country it has everything the world has to offer. From snowy mountains and deep valleys to smoldering deserts and urban skylines. Pakistan is divided in half during winters, much like U.S.A the lower part of Pakistan that contains Sindh and Balochistan and the upper half which contains KPK and Punjab. The cities in Sindh and Balochistan the weather remain neutral, except in a few of the cities. Karachi is like the Los Angelos of Pakistan. It has mild temperatures for winter but is really hot in the summer. But, if you don’t want to enjoy a chilly but survivable winter then I would suggest heading up North; because as I said Pakistan has it all.

There are dozens of places for you to visit and many things available in those places for you to do. I will list down the ones I think you might enjoy.

Swat Valley

Source: Destinations

Not only is it my village but it is also called the mini-Switzerland. It has a lot of scenic beauty from rivers to lush mountains. The people over there will treat you like family and the places will make you forget about any and every holiday you have had before. Swat is also a destination for you if you enjoy skiing and snowboarding. Malam Jabba is a huge mountain in Swat which is turned into a skiers paradise in the winters. The Samson ski resort there is perfect for anyone looking to get a little cold and if that is the case then Winter is the Best time to visit Pakistan for you.

Neelum Valley

Source: PakWheels

Azad Kashmir is the real testimony to how beautiful Pakistan really is. Its Neelum Valley receives heavy snowfall and looks amazing with everything from the mountains to the houses covered in a white blanket of snow. It is awe-inspiring and will absolutely bless your eyes. I would suggest going to Neelum Valley in the winters to just sightsee and trek mountains. So thrill seekers get your gear on!


Source: Jumia Travel

Murree has to be the most famous place of Pakistan on this list. It is known among locals as well as foreigners. It is a place where every Pakistani decides to go during the 2 weeks of their winter holidays. Murree is quite developed and has tons of hotels and food spots waiting to be explored. It is the most established out of all of these locations, simply because it is so popular. Murree receives a hefty amount of snowfall and besides being so accessible, it has a lot of places of interest as well. Such as Dunga Gali, Bara Gali, Pindi Point, Changla Gali and of course the famous Mall Road. You can find Murree covered in a blanket of snow as soon as the winter starts and is a place that is enjoyable for all types of people.

Gorakh Hills

Source: Dawn

‘The Murree of Sindh’ this is how Gorakh Hills is mostly referred to as. Sindh is known for its desert-like terrain but at Gorakh Hills you won’t find the nippiness of the desert winter but the actual cold winds of a proper hill-station. Yes, Gorakh Hills is a hill-station and is one of the best ones out there. So, if you are that big of a fan of snowfall then go to Gorakh Hills. It experiences minimal snowfall but has everything you might desire.


Source: 24 hours blog

Ziarat is an exceptional hotel resort in Balochistan. The resort is made out of wood and the architecture is extremely beautiful. Almost everyone making a trek from Karachi to Quetta stops there, because it has to be one of the most beautiful areas you can be in. It is surrounded by mountains and woody areas, it gives a very cozy vibe to the place. It receives adequate snowfall and the surrounded just looks absolutely spectacular. So make sure to visit Ziarat hotel on your way to Quetta.

Enough with the Winter time, let’s look at what Pakistan has to offer in the Summers.

Summer (April-October) – The best time to visit Pakistan

Winter isn’t the only season that is available in Pakistan to enjoy. Summer is also an amazing time to visit Pakistan; some might say it is the best time to visit Pakistan. Because Pakistan has beaches, summer activities and beautiful and cultural places to visit in the summers. Here is a list of places I find worthy of visiting this summer.

Churna Island

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The summers are officially upon us and if you are planning to visit Pakistan in the next month or two then I would have to suggest visiting Churna Island. It is located 6-7 KM away from Karachi in the Arabian Sea. You can take part in a host of activities, such as scuba diving, snorkeling, cliff jumping and jet skiing. There is excellent marine life around the island so I would totally suggest getting wet with scuba diving.


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Makli is a small town about 50 to 60 minutes away from Karachi and contains the chaukhandi tombs of various Sindhi and Balochi Tribes. The tombs are very old and any history-nut would love to visit this place. Also something for my supernatural fanboys, the tombs are reportedly haunted by the tribesmen. So, if you plan to visit Pakistan during summer head to Makli for the beautiful art and the rich history of the place.

Mohenjo-Daro Ruins

Source: UNESCO world heritage center

Another special one for my history fans. The ruins of the largest Indus valley civilization. Moenjodaro is spread over 30 acres of land and located near the right bank of Indus river. It was built around 2500 BC and is one of the first cities to have been ever built. It was declared as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1980. So if you are in Pakistan, you must visit Mohenjo-Daro.

Saidpur Village

Source: pakiholic

If you want to see what the Mughal era looked like then Saidpur village is for you. Located on the slopes of Margala Hills in the Capital of Pakistan, Islamabad. The presence of a lot of civilization can be found in the historic village, like the Mughals, Greeks, Ashoka, and Gandhara. The Saidpur village was revamped in 2009 in order to attract more tourism. The village consists of Sufi tombs, a preserved 18th century Hindu Temple, tons of restaurants and cafes. You can make a day out of Saidpur because it is just that huge.

These are the things I think that you should be doing during both times of the year. There are plenty more from where that came from but I think these are enough to help you make up your mind for the trip.


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