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wireless earbuds for 2020

September 9, 2020 by Samra Nisar with 0 comments

Best True Wireless Earbuds for 2020

Tech savvy individuals that consistently use different brands of sound accessories do know that there is no one set of wireless earbuds for 2020 that is perfect at everything. If one of your priorities is comfort, sound quality, battery life, voice call quality, or noise cancellation, the current field of different earbuds can provide you some great options. Many of these earbuds have applications you can install on your phone to personalize their sound and control the way you want. In this article, we will provide you with a list of the best true wireless earbuds for 2020.

Google Pixel Buds 2

Google’s Pixel Buds 2 is one of the best premium wireless earbuds for Android phones. Featuring hands-free Google Assistant, these wireless earbuds provide a highly secure and comfortable sound quality for an immersive wireless experience. Moreover, they’re good for making calls and their touch controls work quite well.  At five hours, the battery life is not as good as some new models that are hitting the market. However, it’s on par with the AirPods Pro’s battery life. The well-designed wireless charging case gives you an additional 19 hours.

The Pixel Buds 2 is available in four color options. This includes orange, white, black and mint. This wireless earbud uses Bluetooth 5.0 with support for the AAC codec but not aptX.  Users of wireless earbuds for android can buy them for their amazing design and sound, not their noise-canceling features. Google Pixel Buds 2 wireless earbuds price in Pakistan is Rs 37,599.00.

Apple AirPods Pro

The AirPods Pro is designed to provide active noise cancellation for immersive sound. It is a customizable fit for all-day comfort. AirPods Pro can connect magically to your iPhone or Apple Watch. And they’re ready to use right out of the case. They are undoubtedly the best wireless earbuds for iphone users. The AirPods Pro manages to be a great pair of truly wireless earbuds. This is due to their design and fit, improved bass performance, effective noise canceling and excellent call quality.

Users of Airpods wireless earbuds Pakistan will notice that the AirPods pro simply sound better than the standard AirPods. This is because they have more bass. Moreover, the AirPods Pro has an IPX4 water-resistance rating. This also makes them splashproof and sweat-resistant. On the contrary, AirPods have no water-resistance rating. Apple Airpods Pro wireless earbuds price in Pakistan is Rs 35,599.

Samsung Galaxy Buds Live

Samsung Galaxy Buds Live has a bean-shaped design. However, they are also one of the most innovative wireless earbuds for android users. Similar to the standard AirPods wireless earbuds for iPhone, they have an open design. You are not required to jam an ear tip into your ear. Moreover, they are very comfortable mobile phone earbuds to wear and can fit your ears more securely than the AirPods. However, they may not fit everybody’s ears equally well. Such wireless buds are discreet and can sit flush with your ear without a little white pipe extending out from them.

For users of wireless earbuds Pakistan, they can provide good sound and work well as a headset for making calls. Moreover, they can provide good background noise reduction so callers can hear you clearly even when you’re in noisier environments. Even though they provide active noise cancellation, it is relatively mild when compared with the noise canceling in earbuds have a noise-isolating design. Samsung Galaxy Buds wireless earbuds price in Pakistan is Rs 36, 500.

Sony WF-1000XM3

Sony is not a player in the wireless earbuds for android. However, its new WF-1000XM3 model could change that. The pair of headphones is not cheap when it comes to sound quality. They are the best wireless earbuds in this price range. They can match and perhaps even exceeding the quality and performance of pricier competitors. They have a feature those wireless earbuds for 2020 don’t have. This includes active noise cancellation technology to reduce ambient noise.

For users of wireless earbuds Pakistan, the only drawback is the WF-1000XM3 earbuds are not sweat-proof or waterproof headphones. These wireless earbuds for 2020 have Bluetooth 5.0 with support for AAC but not aptX. Sony WF-1000XM3 wireless earbuds price in Pakistan is Rs 34,999.

Jabra Elite 75t

From a technical perspective, the Elite 75t is an evolutionary upgrade from the highly rated Elite 65t. However, the updates turn out to be a bit more substantial than initially thought. The Elite 75t’s smaller size, their boosted battery life and USB-C charging are significant upgrades to the 65t. Apart from that, there are smaller changes to these wireless earbuds for android.

This includes the new charging case design with magnets inside that make it easier to open and close and to keep the buds inside. Even though the Elite 75t aren’t quite as comfortable to wear as the AirPods Pro and don’t have noise canceling, they certainly have a better sound. They also have a relatively better bass audio quality definition. Jabra Elite 75t wireless earbuds price in Pakistan is Rs. 35,600.

Beats Powerbeats Pro 

If you are searching for a solid set of earbuds for workouts or runs, there is no beating the Powerbeats Pro. Even during intense exercise, their ear hook design keeps them planted on your ears. Moreover, they can endure your sweatiest workouts and the nine hours of continuous battery life should get you through just about any marathon.

The sound quality of these mobile phone earbuds is killer. They provide plenty of bass and an immersive soundstage. This will keep you motivated through every set. However, there is one drawback for users of wireless earbuds for android that want to use Powerbeats Pro. They do not support noise cancellation though you will still get a certain level of noise isolation thanks to the in-ear design. The Beats Powerbeats Pro wireless earbuds for 2020 price in Pakistan is Rs 41,200.

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