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boost wifi speed

October 14, 2020 by Samra Nisar with 0 comments

6 Ways For You To Boost Wifi Speed

Internet has played an extremely crucial role during COVID-19 as it has kept people connected with each other including their friends and families and their places of work. Though there were times when a need came to boost wifi speed as well. We can discuss work, meet with our friends and strengthen our network connections through apps such as Google Meet, Microsoft Teams and Zoom etc.

But when working remotely from home, technological challenges are faced by nearly 60% of the professionals across the world. This means making the optimum use of internet can actually be a challenge for professionals working remotely across the world.

In this article, we will provide you with a list of 6 ways to boost Wifi speed. This will help you to optimize your internet connectivity. These steps can also be applied to the best wifi device in Pakistan and across the world to boost wifi speed.

Use a better frequency

Different radio frequencies are used in the wireless standards in routers in which some get crowded. For instance, 2.4GHz band is used by 802.11b and g in which Wi-Fi signal competes with various types of wireless devices, such as, baby monitors and phones which are other than just computers. 5GHz band is used instead by 802.11ac which operates on a less crowded frequency.

This facilitates in enhancing the overall internet performance and can also act to boost wifi speed. Even though they don’t possess a great range but areas where wireless networks are used comparatively much more such as office buildings and residential communities are beneficial for higher frequencies such as 5GHz.

Scan for malware to boost wifi speed

Once you are done with updating your firmware and securing your network connection, it is imperative to ensure that that malware is not causing your devices to secretly siphon bandwidth.

Once a device is infected, then cybercriminals can open various windows in your browser to run their task in the background to adversely affect and control the performance of your network and system or it eventually become part of a botnet. To ensure that only your device consumes the band with, it is imperative that devices are scanned via a reputable malware removal tool.

Even though while accessing data online, users can keep their information secure by using VPN which facilitates in enhancing their security, however, still users would not want the security of their devices to get compromised.

Update your firmware

Users often ask how to boost wifi speed on laptop? One of the best ways to do that is by updating your firmware. A router uses Firmware to operate. The issue with using older routers is that you can miss out on downloading the latest versions on regular intervals which eventually will cause you to miss out key updates which could facilitate you in enhancing the performance or security of your network.

However, you can still update your router by visiting your admin console, where you can find the option to update your router.

Use software for prioritizing important data streams

The key reason as to why certain apps gets priority over other apps is because new VPNs and routers now possess a distinctive feature which is Quality of Service. An effective QoS feature facilitates users in allowing real time traffic such as VOIP, video calling and streaming to get the upmost priority over less important traffic like app updates and also assists in understanding that which apps should be prioritized.

This indicates that it facilitates the users by waiting for priority stream to finish and run efficiently such as gaming session and zoom call while other apps which are not priority for users runs in slow mode.

Adopt Powerline Ethernet

Internet users are often baffled by the expensive wifi device price in Pakistan. In particular, they are concerned about the varying internet speed. The speed of wireless signals tends to decline if it is used from one corner of the house to another corner. Powerline Ethernet facilitates network data to travel between computers via electricity circuits.

This means that users can avail faster speeds which even the finest wireless technology cannot offer. Moreover, this doesn’t replace user’s wireless network, instead it facilitates to operate efficiently. This strategy can guide you on how to boost wifi speed on laptop.

Users can avail around 1Gbit/sec speed. This means 500Mbit/sec each way via using Modern Powerline Ethernet adaptors. This eventually will facilitate the users in streaming video from a NAS in an immensely quick speed.

Moreover, users can experience exceptional latency times. Users can experience various issues regarding the use of Wi-Fi such as not being able to optimize network connection, network service provider issues and router problems.

Use a bridge

The range of wireless network can be extended through a bridge which is basically a repeater. It uses same network name, password and network settings and lets the client access the IP addresses from the same DHCP server.

When connecting their devices to your wireless network, only a single SSID will appear to the users i.e. the bridge will still be invisible to them. Moreover, wireless network can also be extended further via using multiple bridges. This can certainly prove to be the best for you to  boost wifi speed.

This is commonly used in places where the network host intends to offer the wireless network service to multiple users in a large area, such as large campuses or hotels. Similarly, users can operate this effectively in their homes as well.

Bridges can be used in different ways. They could be wired or wireless. A wired bridge will be faster but is yet another device to rely on your wireless network. User can also experience excellent wireless internet connection in another room by combining Powerline Ethernet with a bridge.

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