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November 19, 2020 by Samra Nisar with 0 comments

6 Incredibly Useful Technology Tips You Will Use Over And Over Again

The fact can’t be denied that every individual loves a cool trick. No matter how well we know about an application or program, there is always a shortcut that we were never able to learn or some useful technology tips that we are not aware of. The same could also be said for hardware. We may well use gadgets on a regular basis without knowing their benefits.

In this article, we will provide you 6 incredibly useful technology tips you will use over and over again. This list will include some of the most popular tech tips, tricks, and shortcuts for an extensive range of popular programs and tools. We can assure you that they are one of the best useful technology tips and tricks for users of different technology in Pakistan.

1. Search using site for finding content

A Google search could return millions of results for individual users. As a result, it is essential to eliminate this by searching a single site with Google’s Site: feature. You have the option to open Google in your browser and also type “site:” After that, you can type the website you wish to search. Like this: “site: komando.com”. However, you should also leave off the quotation marks.

You have the option to enter “site: komando.com search term” in the address bar of your browser. There is no need for you to go to Google. Moreover, no quotation marks are required for performing this. This is indeed one of the best and useful technology tips and tricks for pc users in Pakistan.

2. Unsend an email

We often send out an email to everyone that was only meant for one individual. Now, Gmail provides you with an option to un-send an email by adjusting one setting before writing your email. This recall of a message can provide you with an option to modify spelling errors, incorrect recipients, subject line and also append forgotten attachments.

It is essential to adjust the setting to a higher number than the default setting of five seconds. They are some of the most useful technology tips and tricks for mobile users in Pakistan.

3. Re-open a closed browser tab

It could happen all the time. You may have a dozen tabs open in your browser. You accidentally close the wrong browser. There is a possibility that you may well open up the history of your browser and can also reopen the tab from there with a couple of keystrokes. It is one of the best and useful technology tips and tricks.

4. Put your USB drive correctly

It is a fact that plugging in a USB cable in the right manner sometimes does feel like a no-brainer. So why should you not do it correctly in the first place? To do that, grab any USB cable sitting available around your house. You can see a symbol on one side. The symbol could point up if you’re plugging in horizontally or if you are plugging a cable vertically. The symbol will face you. This is one of the most useful technology tips for users of USB in Pakistan.

5. Use your voice in Google Docs

You may have already used your phone’s speech-to-text for dictating text messages and emails. However, did you know that you could also do the same when using Google Docs? It’s free and it also works really well. You should open a new document in Google Docs. After that, you can enable voice typing through the tools menu. You can then start dictating. Voice typing can recognize different commands such as “comma,” “period,” and “new paragraph”. This is one of the most beneficial and useful technology tips and tricks for mobile and pc users in Pakistan and across the world.

6. Cropping a screenshot

It is a fact that taking screenshots is quite a common practice among technology users. However, we often tend to capture more than we need. If you reveal too much of your screen in a single image, you may well threaten your phone security. On the contrary, you should focus on taking a screenshot through the means of precise cropping. This will help you to include only the stuff that you actually want. They could be one of the best tips and tricks for pc users.

For Mac users, you should press command + shift + 5. You will see a rectangle will emerge. You can manipulate it as much as you want.

When you are using Windows 10, you should go to Start, enter the search bar, and type snipping tool. This would provide you a similar box that you can drag to any shape over your screen.

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