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protect phone in hot weather

September 16, 2020 by Samra Nisar with 0 comments

How To Protect Phone In Hot Weather

From a technological point of view, phone overheating is a problem many individuals have to face in hot summer days. This could well be a significant challenge if you want to take pictures, make important calls or check directions on your smartphone when you’re out and about. However, you don’t need to grin about this problem as there are different ways to protect phone in hot weather without just turning it off and forgetting about it for a while. Users of smartphones in Pakistan often face this issue on a consistent basis. To help you survive phone heating in summer, we will provide you some important advice on how to stop your phone overheating and protect it in hot weather. In this article you will come to know about ways of how to protect phone in hot weather!

1. Keep it out of the heat

When it is warm outside, you should try your best to avoid leaving your phone in direct sunlight. You need to protect phone from heat. This is because the sun’s glare could make it warm-up really fast. As a result, if you’re at home, don’t put your phone by a window. In a similar context, don’t leave your smartphone in a car or anywhere else that would naturally get hot on a sunny day. For users of smartphones in Pakistan, this could be detrimental. By doing this, you would be able to stop the device from heating up and in this way you protect phone in hot weather.

2. Don’t leave the phone in your pocket

Is your phone heating up? It is a fact that your pockets could be hot for a phone. As a result, phone heating in summer is very common and you must do something to protect phone in hot weather. They could press your phone right up against your skin. This could be detrimental to your health. If you’re out and about, perhaps carrying your phone in a bag is much beneficial. This is because that’s at least further from you. And if you’re sitting still somewhere, you could take your device out of your pocket and can leave it somewhere you could view it.

3. Removing the case

If you have got a case on your phone, it will result in keeping it snugged in winter months. A case could also act as insulation. As a result, if your phone has got warm, the case would keep that heat in. You need to take it off so the heat could dissipate as soon as possible. If you’ve got a good case, that would be highly useful beyond protecting your phone. But, if you are relaxing at home or having a picnic in the park, it wouldn’t hurt to slip off the case for a few minutes. In particular, always remove the case when you have phone heating on charging specially to protect phone in hot weather.

4. Tweak the phone’s settings

How to keep your phone cool in hot weather? If you want to keep your phone cool, there are many useful settings you can change to make sure it doesn’t heat up too much. First and foremost, you can turn your screen brightness low. This could result in making the display hard to view. However, it will consume very little battery. It will also cause the device to heat up relatively less. If your phone has adaptive brightness, it could automatically turn its brightness to max settings.

You can turn off data if you’re not using it. This will result in putting your device into airplane mode if you don’t want to talk to people. Similar to screen brightness, turning off such features could help to save you battery. This is directly linked to phone temperature. Some phones, specifically gaming phones, have overclocked modes that could help to increase the phone’s performance while draining power more quickly. However, you may not know if your phone really has such a mode or not as gaming modes are mainly only on certain niche handsets.

5. Purchase a phone cooler

When it comes to smartphones price in Pakistan, We know that most phones are usually expensive. As a result, it is important to have optimum care for them by having beneficial accessories. Phone coolers are beneficial peripherals and active cooling of mobile phones is also necessary. They are specifically designed for mobile gamers. They use heat sink technology that could help to keep your handset ice cold when it would normally be warm. A phone cooler could certainly prove to be a beneficial investment for you to protect phone in hot weather if phone overheating is a recurring problem.

6. Stick it under a fan

If you don’t think that a phone cooler will be productive for you, then you could go a little more low-tech. You could just turn on your personal fan and put your smartphone in a location where it will get directly blown-up. For users of mobile phones in Pakistan, this should help to cool down your phone at a relatively slower rate as you won’t damage it.

Moreover, it will also help you to mitigate some of the heat that it could accrue from the warmth of the day and its normal processes. This could be highly beneficial if you are able to combine it with some of the other pieces of advice. This will help you to avoid phone heating in summer.

7. Never push your phone to its limits

There are things you can do to heat up your phone whether or not the weather is hot. You can play intense games, edit photos or videos, plug it in to charge at a high speed and can also warm up your phone. If the heat of the day has made your phone very hot, it would be highly beneficial for you to avoid doing the activities that naturally warm it up. As a result, it is beneficial to avoid gaming, charge your phone at a lower speed and save editing your pictures.

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