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charging tips for smartphone

December 10, 2020 by Samra Nisar with 0 comments

8 Charging Tips For Smartphone To Have A Healthy Battery Life

We all agree that higher resolution screens and faster processors are some of the most important features pushed by smartphone manufacturers. However, most users just want a smartphone that has a battery that won’t die by the end of the day, for which they need to know the charging tips for smartphone. By making minor changes to the manner in which you use your cellphone could make sure to increase its longevity and healthy battery life. Somehow, battery life also depend upon smartphone prices in Pakistan, higher the price, better the battery is! So, you must carefully check smartphones with prices in Pakistan before deciding buy one

No one likes an uninterrupted eight hours cellphone battery. Moreover, no one wants to carry a charger along everywhere they go. It’s the little things that matter both in life as well as with our gadgets. In this article, we will provide you 8 charging tips for smartphone to have a healthy battery life. These tips will be effective for users of smartphones in Pakistan and other parts of the world. It will also help you how to healthy charge your phone.

Charge your phone before it dies off

If you are one of those smartphone users that get a kick out of charging your phone if it dies off or is at a very low battery, then there could be some consequences for you. For charging your phone when it gets switched off could have negative consequences for your phone as it lays a lot of pressure on the whole system. The first would be to turn the phone on and then get charged. One of the charging tips for smartphone to get your phone to charge once it has a low battery as it’s a beneficial idea.

Don’t charge your phone to 100 %

Contrary to popular perception, it is not a good idea for your smartphone to get charged to a full 100%. Partial charging between 80-90% is beneficial for your smartphone’s charging cycle. As a result, you should make sure you charge it to a 90% maximum. After that, you can put it back on charge at 30% to let the charging cycle going. This is one of the best charging tips for smartphone users in Pakistan. infinix smartphones price in pakistan is much affordable with a good charging speed.

Never use your phone while it is charging

We all know that it’s very tempting to let your phone charge when you finish your all pending work on it. However, it has negative consequences on your phone’s health as it takes your phone additional time to get charged. Moreover, the phone gets overworked due to both charging and being on at the same time. So ne of the beneficial charging tips for smartphone is not to utilize your phone when it’s still getting charged.

Don’t leave your phone on charge overnight

Although we all often leave our phones on charge overnight but it is the worst thing to do to our smartphones. Phone users should never leave their devices on charge for the whole night. This is because the whole concept of partial charging as it goes for a toss and secondly since your phone is on charge even after it hits 100 %. This also gets overheated. Overheating is also bad for your phone. Hence charging should be avoided at all times, specifically for best battery phones in Pakistan.

Only use genuine charging accessories

You should never utilize a counterfeit charging accessory to charge your phone as they circulate unauthorized levels of current for your phone charging and can also have a low quality wire again. This does take comparatively more time to charge the phone. They could be cheaper to purchase. However, in the long term, it can hinder the battery of the phone’s life. This is one of the most important phone charging tips for even the best fast charging phones in Pakistan.

Avoid extreme temperatures

Apart from the different factors that can have a negative influence on your phone, temperature is an essential contributor to battery longevity. Similar to high voltages, extreme temperatures can also stress the battery and make it lose the capacity to be more quickly when it is kept at lower temperatures. A smartphone should be kept between 25 – 30 degrees Celsius.

They must retain nearly 80 % of their individual capacity after their first year even when cycling from empty to full battery. The capacity of your battery would be higher than this after a year if smaller periodic charging cycles could be utilized.

Raising the overall temperature to 40C results in falling to just 65% of the phone’s capacity after the first year and a 60C battery temperature would hit this marker to three months. A battery dwelling to a full state-of-charge exposed to high temperature could well be worst. Moreover, the number one thing to avoid could be charging your smartphone. As a result, not leaving your smartphone under your pillow to be charged at night is beneficial.

Turn your screen’s brightness down

One of the best healthy battery tips is to turn your screen’s brightness down. This could be highly beneficial when watching movies or other streaming content. At night, you are not required to turn your screen up to 10. Screen battery draw is essential. This is why phones turn off the screen quickly when not being used. As a result, you should turn down your phone volume whenever listening to music. This is not a power draw as it is very beneficial.

Turn your phone off completely

Whenever you are charging your phone, you can turn your phone off completely. It is true that turning on the phone as it does use more power when simply waking it from sleep mode. They can turn off when they are not utilizing it for hours at a time. This would also save their power in the long term. If you are going to sleep and don’t have any power outlet, you should simply turn the device off.

So, these are the 8 charging tips to have a healthy battery life which you can easily follow if you are worried about battery life phone!

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