Punjab Education Minister’s Tweet About Palestine Leaves Pakistanis Scratching Their Heads

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Atrocities committed by Israel in Palestine are well known. Israel’s recent inhumane treatment of the Palestinian people has brought to the fore the Palestine issue, and people around the world are demanding justice. Meanwhile, Pakistan’s current Provincial Minister of Punjab for School Education, Murad Raas made an ignorant tweet.

The Palestinian population in the Gaza Strip experiences the worst humanitarian crisis to date. Concurrently, the international media’s silence and the UN’s response are deafening. Israeli forces recently attacked Al-Aqsa Mosque after a recent escalation in conflicts over the displacement of Palestinian families from Sheikh Jarrah.

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In response to the Israel and Palestine situation, the minister issued a statement. A tweet that practically made no sense and only highlighted his ignorance. Apparently, Raas finds it shocking to see that Palestinians do not even own a gun to defend themselves against the Israeli forces. In addition to this, he inquired about the Palestine support money.

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It surprised the minister to learn that even after being bombed and shot, Palestinians still use stones as a response in today’s world. In the minister’s words, “Why can’t they buy a single gun to defend themselves. Being bombed and shot – 2021 still using stones?”

Naturally, this followed by an avalanche of angry awaam who tried to educate him on the issue of the Palestinian right. Many people criticized the government. They said that the PTI ministers always find a way to disappoint the people in the country.

Social media users tried to explain to Raas that Palestinians are suffering under the Israeli-Palestinian oppression. They added that Palestinians suffer to get hold of even the basic necessities to survive. Hence, the latest weapons are the least of their concerns.

Twittersphere schools Murad Raas & lambasts him

As it appears, Pakistani politicians really need to be trained in how they make public statements. Many questioned the education of the so-called education minister who is clearly not educated enough to comment on international issues.

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At this time, when Palestinians are going through the worst, the least which our country’s leadership can do is be a little more sympathetic. More so, a bit considerate before commenting on issues like this.

The violence since Friday earned Jerusalem’s worst since 2017. The latest violence follows days of clashes between Palestinians and Israeli police.

It all began on Monday when Israeli police attacked the al-Aqsa mosque, where hundreds of Palestinian protesters had been injured. Israeli forces continued to bombard the Gaza Strip on Tuesday. PM Imran Khan also joined countless others expressing solidarity with Palestine on social media and cleared that Pakistan stands with Palestine.

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