Yeh Cheez! Creepy Lahore Man, Who Secretly Took Pictures Of Women In Park, Is Behind Bars

man who secretly took pictures of women arrested

A woman on Thursday took to Twitter to voice outrage over a man secretly taking numerous pictures of her and her friends in a park in Lahore without their permission. Earlier today, Lahore police confirmed the arrest of the accused while promising a safe environment for everyone.

One of the women named Leena Ghani narrated the incident that happened a few weeks ago at Jam-e-Shirin Park in Lahore. A group of young ladies was minding their own business and hanging out when they saw a creep clicking them.

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As Leena and her friends confronted the man for secretly taking their pictures, he not only began to aggressively yell at them but also hurled abuses.

“We knew we were bound to attract unwanted attention, so we did what most women do: we ignored it,” Leena wrote. “However, one very keen observer decided to take pictures; at this point, I intervened and asked him to leave. He refused and within a few seconds the situation escalated badly.”

Here is the video in case you missed out!

In the thread, Leena explained why she could not record the entire scenario. The man pushed her and snatched her phone after she told him to leave. “No one was seriously hurt except for one man’s ego, which was destroyed to bits by the end,” she added.

“This kind of rage is not unfamiliar to any of us. The cold dark piercing eyes, blank and void,” she expressed the trauma. “A scrunched up face foaming at the mouth — incoherent speech and an out-of-control tongue. I have experienced this anger, the sort that has no return. And it always comes from men.”

Police arrests the accused

Taking prompt action, Lahore police put the accused behind the bars. In addition to this, they also promised to ensure a safe environment for everyone, “irrespective of gender and race”. Leena seemed delighted to see the immediate action as she took to Twitter to appreciate the responsiveness of the police. Moreover, she shared a video wherein the man issues an apology.

Twittersphere puts its hands together for the police

Given the prominence of unsolicited photography and the covert filming of women in public places in contemporary Internet culture, it is clear that men feel entitled to violate women’s privacy for their own pleasure. In fact, this is not an isolated incident.

Last year, police arrested a man in Gujranwala for filming a woman in a trial room and blackmailing her. There have been tons of incidents of a hidden camera in many famous retail stores. 

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