Kangana To Get Banned From Insta Too? Netizens Report Her After Latest Comments On Palestine


B-Town actor and controversy stirrer Kangana Ranaut has been rightfully called out by many over her recent statement regarding Israel’s genocide in Palestine. Since Twitter permanently banned her, she took to Facebook and Instagram and shared her unasked stance on the matter. Now social media users join hands to get her banned from Instagram as well!

“To save your nation and its people from radical Islamic terrorism is the fundamental right of every nation, India stands with Israel,” the actor said. “Those who think terrorism should be replied with dharna, must learn from Israel. They will spread terrorism, if you respond strongly they will cry foul become victims if you do just dharna then they will blast your parliament and five-star hotels also, this is radical Islamic terrorism for you.”

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The Queen star further shared, “In the fight against radical Islamic terrorism India stands with Israel. Let’s eradicate the illness of terrorism from this world”. Soon after her stance, there was an uproar on social media against Ranaut and rightfully so. Many called out the actor for once again inciting violence and not getting her facts right.

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Pakistani actors lambast the Indian star

Pakistani actors Muneeb Butt and Maya Ali, too, condemned Ranaut’s statement. Taking to Instagram, the actors called out Bollywood actor for her take on the matter.

“I feel sorry for you. All I can say is get well soon, Kangana Ranaut. One should have at least some humanity,” the Parey Hut Love star shared.

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“To sick Kangana, shabash (kudos). Modi, RSS, and the right-wing activists inspired by the worst Nazi regime would school us,” Butt wrote, adding, “I wonder how much she is being paid by the BJP government to distract their people from Covid disaster their country is facing because of Modi’s incompetence as a PM.”

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Twittersphere crosses fingers and hopes the actor gets banned from all social media platforms

Social media, which has been vigilantly monitoring the world’s views on the matter, was quick to pick up on her statements. Tweets condemning Ranaut started pouring in, as people were left startled, though perhaps not surprised. Many have called to report the Simran actor’s Instagram and Facebook accounts. Ranaut’s statement is violence-inducing and instigating hate if nothing more.

Recently, questions have also been raised about Instagram, after the platform was reportedly limiting viewership on posts made in support of Palestine and Gaza. This is a complaint that has arisen across the world. Several users have come forward to call the platform out for it. Hence, we suppose that it is highly unlikely for the platform to take any action against Ranaut.

At least 215 Palestinians injured in the attack at the Al Aqsa Mosque compound. Meanwhile, Israelis dance, sing, cheer, and celebrate all while Israel brutalizes thousands of Palestinians. 

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