British Man Grills Israel’s Army On Its Face For Restricting Palestinians On Their Land

British Man Grills Israel Army

For decades, the Western news outlets have proffered narratives about Palestine-Israel that favors Israel. The people in charge of these outlets do trick the population into believing mis­leading tales about Palestine-Israel. Portraying Israel as the victim, these outlets not only offer a moral justification of violent acts but also advocate ethnic cleansing of Palestinians.

The task of bringing about the reality of Palestinian oppression falls on independent news out­lets and publishers. In previous rounds of conflict, Israel was able to shape the narrative in its favor, portraying itself as a nation unjustly under attack with the sole goal of defending itself.

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But this time around, Palestinians speaking out against the Israeli occupation and its overwhelming military bombardment of Gaza have had far more success in telling their side of the story on social media. 

Unlike the majority of international journalists, one British man covered the raw attitudes of the Israelis against the Palestinians. While walking on a street where Palestinians are strictly restricted, he talked about how Palestinians are outrageously punished for barely stepping on the street.

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As he spots some Israelis standing at a bus stop, he goes onto interview them. He asks them how they feel about Palestinians crossing the particular street. Not so surprisingly, all of them were quite dismissive. Infuriated by the injustice and wrongful notion, the man called them outright racist.

In times when people hesitate to speak against the Israeli genocide against Palestinian, this British man’s video received immense admiration.

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Pro–Israel media coverage of Israeli–Palestinian conflict and victimized narratives is no news. Several western organizations and journalists provide biased coverage of the ongoing genocide against Palestine.

Last week, calling spade a spade did not sit well with CNN’s news anchor Bianna Golodryga. She baselessly labeled Foreign Minister Shah Mahmood Qureshi as ‘anti–Semitic’ for opining on Israel’s massive influence over western media. The live interview sparked a long-awaited discussion all across the globe. It highlighted the anchor’s groundless accusation of anti-Semitism against Pakistan’s FM.

An Egyptian-mediated truce between Israel and Hamas came into force early on Friday, bringing an end to 11 days of violence that caused widespread destruction in Gaza. Celebrations were heard on Gaza streets in the minutes after the truce began. The joyful crowds also took to the streets.

While tens of thousands of Muslim worshipers prayed at the nearby Al-Aqsa Mosque on the holy night of Laylat al-Qadr, sparking clashes between Palestinian protesters and Israeli police outside the Old City of Jerusalem on May 9, erupting 11-day-long violence genocide against Palestinians.

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