Zulfi Bukhari Strikes Back – Takes Reham Khan To A London Court For ‘Defaming’ Him

reham khan zulfi bukhari roosevelt hotel

The world of politics is always on a whirlwind of conspiracies, controversies, and leg-pulling. May it be the opposition or rival political party, the entire structure of politics is a complex game of chess with diplomatic pawns set on the board. Simultaneously, when it comes to Pakistani politics, the profound name of Reham Khan is no mystery, she is now dragging Zulfi Bukhari to court!

Recently, the former wife of Prime Minister Imran Khan, Reham Khan is making rounds in the news for her allegations against Special Assistant to Prime Minister Imran Khan Zulfi Bukhari and taking the matter to court. According to Khan, Bukhari seems to have personal interests in the sale of PIA’s famous hotel Roosevelt.

This saga of Khan bashing Zulfi Bukhari began way back in 2019, where she took to Twitter on 6th December and mentioned in a tweet followed by a link of commentary on YouTube. Khan claimed the national assets of Pakistan were being sold to assist people like Bukhari and Aneel Mussarat. She referred to this practice as an ‘act of robbery’.

reham khan zulfi bukhari roosevelt hotel

Source: Twitter

In addition to that, even Khan’s son came to support his mother by saying, “This is going to be a case of critical importance for freedom of expression on matters of demonstrable public interest, Reham Khan simply discussed the matter while demanding transparency over important decisions regarding its administration and this libel case is an attack on freedom of speech and the rights of Pakistanis. Reham Khan has nothing to gain by speaking out about the Roosevelt Hotel but was affected by the series of events, as all patriotic Pakistanis would be. We must fight against tactical suppression of such voices.”

Reham Khan seeks funds to fight the case

To make matters worse, Khan took to Twitter, to request her followers to give her funds so that she can easily fight a case in London High Court. The page is hosted by her son, Sahir Khan.

This did not bode well with the PTI tigers and party members. Hence, people started to call her out on her inadequacy and false claims.

Regardless, of how the Twitterati responded to her funds, Bukhari was not at all impressed with the false allegations. As a matter of fact, he is suing Khan for her allegations against him.

Although, he didn’t comment on the situation before; the papers and judicial documents are enough proof that Bukhari will be asking Khan for an apology and a retraction of all the defamatory allegations she has thrown his way!

Overall, Khan is being represented by Hamlin’s law firm and Bukhari by a defamation law specialist. In addition, Khan is also denying all allegations and is yet adamant and is persistent to fight the claim.

However, Bukhari’s lawyers have put forward that the Roosevelt Hotel deal comprises of five members and Zulfi is being maligned and singled out in this scandal.

This isn’t the first time Reham Khan is being trolled for her false claims. She has been pretty sour since her divorce from PM Imran Khan. From calling him a black magic conspirator to calling out all of PTI supporters.

The former wife of the PM knows how to topple things and get attention. In addition, we hope that the truth comes out regarding PIA’s Roosevelt Hotel sale and justice prevails real soon.

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