A Viral Video Of Husband & Wife Beating Elderly Woman Shocks Nation

zoobia Meer

The blood-curdling showcase of inhuman brutality and the dearth of mercy in the viral video of a son beating his mother has deeply shocked the nation. One fails to comprehend how a fully grown-up son could even raise his hand against his mother.

How blind does one get in the grip of greed? How can one beat his own mother so brutally only for the sake of money?

A video surfaced on the Internet of a man named Arsalan, cold-bloodedly beating his mother. Not only this but in the video, we can also hear his sadistic wife encouraging him to do so.

It is to be noted that he did get arrested by the police initially. However, they let him out… and you can guess why. The deeply rooted ‘thana culture’ within the policing system is prevalent in Pakistan. Needless to say, the money-grubbing police must have been offered a bribe.

Zoobia Meer, his sister, who recorded the video, has appealed to the public for justice for her mother. Even the poor sister had been beaten with a wiper. Sigh!

Ever since the video went viral, the nation has been shaken to the core.

The public outcry over the act of atrocious cruelty

The barbaric incident has simply left everybody taken aback. In addition to this, it has caused extreme anger and disturbance among the public. Pakistani celebs are also raising their voices on social media and demanding justice for Zoobia Meer. We sincerely hope that justice is served!

What a shameful act.

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