Zoe Viccaji And Irfan Ali Taj Are Joining Hands For Promoting The Chitrali Music

In the past few years due to the extraordinary demand of Pakistani musicians in Bollywood, the Pakistani music industry has failed to provide original music tracks of their own vocalist. Coke Studio, on the other hand, is contributing some powerful pieces to industry every year after remaking of the old tracks with the collaboration of mainstream musicians and vocalists. Coke Studio not only delivers the best of the best but also gives a chance to the newcomers like we have seen in the cases of Haroon Shahid and Nirmal Roy in this season.

However, some of the individuals have been striving really hard to promote the local culture in the mainstream music industry with their voice and some of them actually accomplished their goal. Irfan Ali Taj is one of them who recently locked a song with Zoe Viccaji which is sung in Khowar, the language of Chitral, and people are going crazy over his voice.

The is the second masterpiece of Irfan and Zoe, they have worked together earlier in “Ashiqi Angar” which was also sung in the native language of Chitral. The lyrics have been composed by Irfan himself to re-introduce the folk music at the national level. This is the first time that any national singer has collaborated with a local Chitral singer and made the local culture of Chitral famous internationally.

The song “Dunya Jo Baso” is purely sung in Khowar which means that we only live for two days, which essentially means that life is very short so we should make the most of it.

The video has been shot in the beautiful locations of the Hunza Valley and all you wish is to magically transport through the screen! Both Zoe and Irfan have chosen the perfect outfits according to every location like Zoe’s light green shirt in the sunshine and Irfan’s black Shalwar Kameez while standing near the river.


Source: Youtube

You should also watch the excitement level of Zoe when she visited the northern areas for the filming of the video.

Wake Up Zoe!!!

Wake me up when the video is out. Can’t wait!!! #dunyajubaso #chitral #lovepakistan #zoeandirfan #khowar

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The beautiful locations have made me fall in love with the beauty of our northern areas once again. We hope that like Irfan Ali Taj, many other locals should promote the traditional music as Pakistani music industry requires new talent.

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