According to Zodiac, Here are All the Reasons Why You Didn't Fall in Love in 2017

According to Zodiac, Here are All the Reasons Why You Didn’t Fall in Love in 2017

We are verging towards the end of 2017. Been a tough ride? Well, I am sure it went way too fast. It was only March yesterday now December.

For most of us, it’s that time of the year when we reflect on our choices and actions during the bygone months and jump to conclusions. Not just conclusions, we make up our minds about devising a grand plan for the following year which is commonly known as “new year’s resolution”. It’s not true for 99.9% of people and coming back to the point of “choices”, “decisions” and “actions”, we might shed light on our personal lives a bit.

Well, if 2017 was another year you stayed single, your Zodiac sign might have an explanation for it. Let’s begin?

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You probably have built walls around you which let you “down” in this regard. You simply didn’t allow anyone “in”.


A chance stood right there but you let it past because you thought you were undeserving of love in your life.

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There was a possibility and you thought of taking all the chances. It couldn’t happen because you wanted to control everything.


2017 wasn’t about love for you and reason why you did not is simply that you didn’t actually prioritize love. You may be juggling certain other priorities. Fair enough.


It almost happened but your indecisiveness kicked in and it went in vain.

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Of all the things in the world, you rather sought to think beyond the realm of reason regarding the subject of “love”. Fairytales only happen in the movies, hopefully, you’ll learn in 2018.




There you are. 2017 was probably nice to you in these terms but you let your ego do the talking more than your heart.


You were stuck somewhere and your head was clouded with thoughts and complications.

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Because you were docile, acquiescent and submissive.


“I cannot carry it. It’s way too much of a burden. I am sorry.”


You were probably looking for something invaluable that you failed to find this year. Trivial things are a major turn-off for you, and so it did not happen.

But like it’s said that whatever happens, happens for the good. So, pat yourself on the back regardless of everything and move on.

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