Here are the Zodiac Signs That Are Known to Pretty Much Suck at Love/Romance

You almost got it. You were there but something happened and it pulled you out. You’re back to square one, wondering why does it ever work? Your zodiac may have an explanation; if only you could make sense out of it.

It has been revealed that there are a number of zodiac signs who are openly branded to suck at love. Yup, a relationship or marriage would be quite difficult with them, should the other person fails to understand that perspective.

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These are the zodiac signs who apparently suck at love… Find out about yours!

1. Aquarius

The unedited truth about why an Aquarian would not be up to the mark when it comes to love depends on a number of things. You know the crap of not texting for a whole week to make them miss you, only to find out they moved on to someone else. That! It takes you quite a while to figure out what you are feeling. People tend to move on by the time you get there. Nobody wants to wait around forever.

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2. Saggitarrius

According to zodiac, potential relationships is where they milk it. They have a laid-back nature. They let things slip through their fingers and feel helpless about it.

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3. Virgo

You pick garbage people. From a pool of potentially great matches, you will choose the one who would suck the most. Your mind plays a funny game where you think you can fix that person. But it doesn’t happen and ultimately, you fall flat on your face.


4. Capricorn

You cannot make peace with people’s flaws. If a person is 90% great and 10% bad, you are going to focus on the darker side. This remains a major problem because we live in an imperfect world, where nothing is black or white.

5. Aries

You can set unreal expectations. You idealize, create a picture of them in your mind and obviously, the reality is totally different from it.

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6. Scorpio

Your zodiac reveals that Scorpions are quite terrible at showing affection. You suck at letting people know how much you love them and this exhausts people to the core. It may be an ego problem of yours and you should perhaps put yourself out there a bit more. Enough to reciprocate.

That’s all, folks!

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