Zartaj Gul Got Into A Cat-Fight With Bakhtawar Bhutto On Twitter And The Personal Shots Are Too Much!

Zartaj Gul Wazir who is the Minister of State for Climate Change was recently involved in a controversy for trying to use her influence in appointing her own sister for a high position; director of NACTA (National Counter Terrorism Authority) to be precise.

This was largely criticized by the people of Pakistan, as they saw blatant use of power and authority promoting nepotism as practiced heavily by the previous governments and their Ministers. However, NACTA provided clarification of her being hired purely on the basis of merit.

Zartaj Gul managed to make it to the headlines again after having a heated argument with Bakhtawar Bhutto on Twitter.

After the historic recent arrest of three notorious corrupted leaders of three big political parties, MQM, PLML-N, and PPP nearly everyone who is not their supporter was rejoicing online and otherwise. Similarly, Zartaj Gul too took it to twitter to express her views.

A Picture Says A Thousand Words.

On The Other Hand, This One Didn’t Sit Well With Bakhtawar Bhutto And She Responded To Zartaj.

Bakhtwar commented that even children have a higher IQ implying that she is too dumb to understand the situation.

Her tweet: 

Source: Twitter

This get’s funnier and intense as The federal minister hits back and things definitely take a serious turn. Who wins the verbal spat? You decide.

“ touched a raw nerve clearly! I’d recommend you console your sobbing sisters, rather than to tweet hysterically about Papa Ten Percent’s humiliating saga. Reports are he is losing his mind as he was grinning in the Court today. Another application for mental illness?,”

After this Bakhtwar deletes her tweet, Zartaj Gul doesn’t let this go by and calls her out on it.

Disoriented and timid is what she called Bakhtawar for being a coward and deleting her response.

Source: Twitter

It came down to making a derogatory remark on being able to spell something right. Childish?

Finally, the argument ends with Zartaj Gul’s response.

It read, “Goodness! A glutton for punishment, aren’t you… Tell Papa Disorientated Dentonic he has been arrested and not being taken to a guided tour of his stable that he’s inanely grinning. Remind your sisters to keep faith. Application of mental illness again seemingly forthcoming.”

What are your thoughts on this? To be honest if one looked at it without knowing the names or the context, it would look like a fight between two young girls.


What do you make of this? Let us know in the comment section below. 

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