The Lack Of Parents’ Attention Is Detaching Children From Them, Not The Smartphones!

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Every day I see parents blaming smartphones and their companies for ruining their children. Every day I see elders discussing the negative impact of these new technologies that have distanced them from their children.

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Every day I see children busy with their phones, laptops, and tablets. Every day I see children preferring to not answer their parents’ calls or spend time with them.

This made me wonder why is this happening. Then I sat alone and thought for hours to figure out the major point in this distanced relationship between the parents and their children. Is it actually the smartphone or the 24/7 availability of WiFi? Is it the Skype sessions with friends or is it their ignorance and carelessness? It isn’t anyone of these! Shocking? Yes, surprising isn’t it!

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I could see the other side of the picture- the side invisible to many- specifically to grown ups. I have seen people having all these facilities but still they’re very attached and close to their families. I see many people, setting aside their phones and listening carefully what their elders actually want. The point that I concluded after all this is that the lack of parents’ attention is one of the main reasons of detachment.

Parents nowadays are so busy with their work that sometimes unintentionally they tend to ignore their little ones or give less attention to them. Hence they end up having a gap between them and their children.

Source: Giphy

It’s time to realize that the technology is not always the root cause of all problems, sometimes it is the lack of our concentration and attention towards anything. It’s time to accept that technology actually meant to ease our tasks and not to distance anyone from each other (if used in moderation).

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