Pride Of The Nation: Pakistan’s Zara Naeem Dar Tops ACCA Exams Worldwide

zara naeem tops acca exams worldwide

Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) declared Zara Naeem Dar, a student who hails from Lahore, tops the ACCA exams and becomes the worldwide prizewinner. She scored the highest marks in the Financial Reporting exam conducted in December 2020.

Dar has created history by creating a world record in the ACCA examination to be held at the world level in the Chartered Accountant field.

This exam takes place in nearly 179 countries around the world. Zara is a student of the Financial Reporting subject. More so, above 527,000 students participated in this examination.

zara naeem dar
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Despite much disruption globally as a result of the coronavirus outbreak, ACCA was able to run almost 153,000 exams across the vast majority of its markets internationally. In which Zara Naeem tops the ACCA exams worldwide.

The ACCA qualification rigorously tests the skills and competencies that a modern-day accountant needs. With a firm grounding in ethics and professionalism. Moreover, it prepares students for a rewarding career as a qualified and ethical finance professional.

Dar credited this success to her father who has always encouraged all the girls in the family to pursue their dreams and smash all artificial barriers.

In an interview, she said, “My father is a true role model for me. I grew up seeing him reaching great heights in his military service that always inspired me to follow in his footsteps.”

‘ACCA was a natural choice for me,’ she adds

Explaining the reason for choosing ACCA, Dar shared, “ACCA was a natural choice for me. Most military families move every few years, so I always knew I needed a qualification that ensures flexibility and offers global mobility.”

zara naeem dar acca
Source: Facebook

Shattering the myth that finance and accountancy is a male-dominated profession, she shared,

“This is no longer the case. With bodies like ACCA opening access, you will be surprised to learn that ACCA now has a female student base of 58%. With more women than ever looking to become professional accountants. So yes, get ready to see cracks in the glass ceiling.”

There is no doubt that Pakistan is blessed with highly talented young individuals. In addition to this, if given an opportunity, these youngsters can achieve astonishing success at global levels. 

Back in November 2020, a young student named Muhammad Abdullah was also declared as a global winner by the ACCA. He scored the highest marks among students from all over the world.

Finance and accounting are seen as a solid platform for skills attainment and career growth and experience in this profession is seen as a door-opener to a wide range of career possibilities even beyond the profession. There are many more reasons why opting for ACCA can be groundbreaking for Pakistanis.

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