Zainab’s Father Shares Details Of What He Experienced During Imran Ali’s Execution

The start of this year was dark when people had hopes from the days coming. When suddenly, just in the first week of the January the news broke where the body of the innocent Zainab was found in the heaps of trash. In the heavy cold, her body has been there for past one night.

After the examination of the case, which was very disturbing things arouse and the nation was just curious to know the beast who did this to Zainab! She was a left on the trash after she was ruthlessly tortured till she dies.

A 7-year-old had to go through such a heinous experience. After her case, many other cases opened up

After Zainab’s case, there were many others girls of the same age, who faced the similar cruel end. Turns out that out of many Imran Ali the culprit of Zainab was involved in eight other cases.

Imran Ali was executed after he was charged of being involved in eight other cases!

Zainab’s father said that at the time of execution Imran had no remorse!

After the culprit was caught and his DNA matched to Zainab! With thorough investigation, police got to know that he was the Naat khuwaan in the same residence and all of the neighborhood knew him!

He was locked up and after he was interviewed he said he was possessed by some jin! Later the police found out he was involved in many other similar cases in Kasur where many innocent little girls died at his hands.

A few months back, he was charged with a total of nine cases and today at 7 am he was finally executed after the case.

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