Zainab’s Mother Shared How the Child Had the Change in Attitude From the Past One Month!

Day 3 and the nation continues to protest against the vile incident that took place in Kasur. The kidnapping, rape, and murder of 7-year-old Zainab have shaken the entire country by storm. The incident sparked a nationwide outrage – many people are sharing the stories that went unnoticed.

The tragic story of Zainab revolves around how her parents went for Umrah. According to the parents, while they were in Medinah, they heard the horrible news of Zainab’s kidnap. Within days, they heard the heartbreaking news that their daughter’s body was discovered from trash.

The Autopsy Reports of Zainab’s Body Show That She Was Raped Multiple Times Before her Murder

The Parents Came In Front of Media and Shared The Horrible Feelings They Are Going Through

The mother of Zainab, however, shared how the 7-year-old old was acting differently from the past few weeks. “Zainab had a change in attitude from the past one month.” said the mother in front of the media, hinting how the torture she may have witnessed before her murder might be happening before she as well.

Here’s Zainab’s Last Homework…Extremely Heartbreaking!

Her Mother Also Shared that Zainab was Extremely Attached to her and Leaving her Behind Was a Mistake

What happened with Zainab is indeed heart-wrenching everytime you listen to the story or watch her face on social media or news.

We can only know the truth once we are able to catch the man behind these vile acts.

May Zainab get the justice she deserves, Ameen!

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