“Zainab Hum Sharminda Hain” – A Reality We all need to Ponder Over

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ہم جو انسانوں کی تہذیب لئے پھرتے ہیں

ہم سا وحشی کوئی جنگل کے درندوں میں نہیں

Words are not enough to write about the incident of 7-years-old Zainab from Kasur Pakistan, who was raped and murdered with brutality. No words can describe the level of evil. It’s condemnable, it’s awful and it pains to even realize.

Our so-called human rights organizations, Human right activists, NGO’s and INGO’s and Ministry of Law & Justice well sleeping and dreaming to change this societal mindset just by posting on Facebook and Twitter. The only thing we can do is get together for a talk show where we can just debate and then after few days, we will be living our daily routine life. We can never imagine the pain faced by this little soul, and the pain her family is facing and will have to live and survive with for the rest of their lives.

Source: Daily Times

We cannot impose such conditions like don’t allow your daughters to go out, rather they should implement laws and rules for child protection. Sopping them is certainly not a solution to save your children. Well, if we remember the incident of APS Peshawar, does that mean we should stop educating our kids, their development and progress?

Our children are not safe even in schools or madrassas. We cannot provide safety but in elections, we talk about revolution. I am just surprised. These children are our bright future, our government and law ministers should provide them security at the utmost level of priority. In Islam, “If You Kill One Human, It’s As If You Killed All of Humanity”

Source: Parhlo.com

These alleged culprits are representing Islam in a very narrow way. Every religion in the world teaches peace and harmony. No faith believes in spreading hate among fellow human beings whereas, Islam is also a very peaceful religion, it endorses love, respect, and harmony among all human beings.

Violence and brutal killings have no place in Islam. It is either the misconception about Islam that is prevailing in today’s world that Islam sponsors terrorism or the vested interest of evil forces that wish to malign the image of Islam. The actual problem that is prevailing in our society today is no justice and there is no implementation of laws. There are certain laws about child abuse but without implementation and enforcement.

This poetry clearly defines the current situation,

Suna hai jangalon ka bhi koi dastoor hota hai! Suna hai

shair ka jub pait bhar jaey. . .

To vo hamlaa nahee kertaa, Suna hai

Havaa ke taiz jhonkey jubb darakhton ko hilaatay hain. . . .

To menaa apne gharr ko bhool kar,

kavvay ke andon ko paron main thaam lete hai. . . .

Sunaa hai. . . .

Ghaonslay se jubb koi bachha giray,

To saara jungle jaag jaag jaata hai. . . .

Suna hai. . .

Koi pull toot jaey


sailaab aajaey

To kisi lakri ke takhtay per,

Gulehri saanp aor bakri saath hotay hain. . . .

Sunaa hai jangalon kaa bhi koi dastoor hotaa hai.

– Romela Hameed (Social Activist)

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