Zainab and the Beasts in Human Skin – These 4 Steps Need to be Practiced to prevent such Heinous Crimes!

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Since childhood, I was always told by my parents that beasts in human form don’t really exist, but boy, were they wrong?!

The tragic incident of 7-year-old Zainab in Kasur proves that these beasts do exist in our societies and are lingering between us. These inhumane beings are slaves to their desires. Their filthy urge for sexual gratification can make them go to any extent. During the years they have kept on increasing and will continue to do so if not stopped now.

Source: Samaa TV

It is particularly praiseworthy to see that people from all walks of life are treating the innocent Zainab as their own blood and are speaking up against this heinous crime, but would just speak up against it be enough to deter such crimes taking place again? Certainly no!

In my opinion, the following points should be used to avoid such acts of crime:

1. Intelligent use of electronic media

Source: Pakistan Media Watch

The government should make sure that the content being showed not just on the tv but also on social media is thoroughly monitored. Only that content which serves as a contributing factor to the intellectual development of our societies should be allowed. Something that feeds the mind, not the eyes. One of the primary reasons why such incidents take place in our society is because of the sexual immorality promoted by the electronic media.

2. Hijab for both women and men

Source: IBTimes UK

Many times we have heard mothers lashing out at their daughters for not dressing decently, but how many times do we really hear mothers telling their sons to lower their gaze? If we need a moral and ethical society, then morality should be taught to both daughters and sons. Women shouldn’t dress provocatively and men should learn to lower their gaze.

3. Swift and fair justice system

Source: Pakistan Today

Our religion is a complete code of life, it has laid down rules and boundaries. Rules that are beneficial for the whole of society but when these rules are broken, accountability must be taken. So, once a crime has taken place, police and the responsible government should act swiftly in catching the culprits and relative punishments according to our religion should be given, so that nobody even dares to think about committing that crime.

4. Authorities shouldn’t take complaints lightly

Source: Pakistan Today

The concerned authorities shouldn’t shun away people and take their pleas lightly. Once a complaint has been received, rapid action should be taken and problems should be solved.

With the implementation of these points, I hope and pray that the 193.2 million population of Pakistan doesn’t have to witness yet another Zainab, who indeed must be residing in the gardens of paradise.

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