Zaid Hamid Claims COVID-19 Is Fake, Asks 'Why Isn't Any Villager Infected?'

Zaid Hamid Claims COVID-19 Is Fake, Asks ‘Why Isn’t Any Villager Infected?’

Zaid Hamid COVID fake

COVID-19 is a phenomenon that has traveled far and wide from its place of origin. It has gripped nations with its deathly claws as it takes lives left, right, and center.

It all started in February 2020, when news of COVID spreading globally was considered a distant enemy. Now as we live our lives, living and breathing this ongoing biological foe, many have now come forward with theories of this global pandemic to be  #FakeNews.

Recently, senior national security analyst took to Twitter to share his opinion on the unforgiving COVID-19.

COVID-19 a ‘questionable’ pandemic

According to analyst Zaid Hamid, COVID-19 being a pandemic is questionable.

He tweeted, “When a dangerous pandemic spreads in any country, patients all over start falling automatically. What kind of pandemic is this that has no effect on the rural areas of Pakistan? Millions of people are not sick, have no symptoms, have not had any tests, and are completely healthy.”


Similarly, many in Pakistan have been of an opinion that COVID-19 is not real and is a human-generated virus made under the intent of personal gain.

He further tweeted, “They have tested only a few million people. If all 22 crores had Corona, it would have been pretty evident. Of the 100,000 tests that came positive, 95,000 showed no symptoms. Either the tests were wrong or the patients miraculously felt better right after it. 3,000 patients in three months?”


‘A virus diagnosed only when tested?’

Furthermore, he referenced past pandemics the world has gone through and compared it with the ‘questionable’ pandemic of today.

“Whenever there has been a catastrophic epidemic in human history, millions of people have died. Cities after cities were filled with corpses. There was no need to ‘test’, people would automatically show signs of being infected by the disease. Only 2,000 deaths out of 22 crore Pakistanis, that too suspicious ?? Is this pandemic even real?”


According to Ziad Hamid, Whether one looks at history or human experience. COVID-19 is fake and by no means a pandemic. Nor is it dangerous or deadly.

“Now because the United Nations and the creators of the new Zionist regime want it to be called a pandemic, all kinds of lies and propaganda are happening,” he added.

Twitter reacts to Hamid’s controversial claims

Since Ziad Hamid started this thread on twitter many have come forward to share their opinions on the ‘supposedly deadly’ COVID-19 and its implications on Pakistan.

While for some COVID-19 scare remains questionable no one can deny the hundreds of patients fighting for ventilators and beds in hospitals.

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