Zaid Ali’s Recent Picture With his Wife Is Making Everyone Say MashaAllah!

Remember when Zaid Ali broke the news of his marriage and everyone thought it was a joke? Well, we also thought the same. Given how the vlogger has trolled his fans previously as well, everyone thought he was joking…until he revealed his gorgeous wife!

Zaid Ali Even Introduced her in his Vlog

They answered the questions of their fans in a video together.

And Their Marriage Pictures Were Lovely As Ever!

Awww! :’)

And Their Eid Shoots Are the Cutest!

The Last Picture Zaid Ali Shared With his Wife Was During their Trip to Pakistan

The couple traveled to Pakistan for the first time after their marriage and were extremely thrilled to enjoy some quality time in their native country.

Pakistanis were super happy to see them in the country, given how Zaid Ali has a huge following of Pakistanis as well.

After a while now, Zaid Ali posted a picture with his wife and people loved it!

While Wishing Everyone Jumma, Here’s What Zaid Ali Posted:

People Loved the New Look of his Wife

They Really Do!

Everybody loved seeing this beautiful couple on their timelines and we wish we get to see more of them, especially in the vlogs of Zaid Ali.


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