Zaid Ali's One Response to the Haters Commenting on his Wife|

Zaid Ali’s One Response to the Haters Commenting on his Wife was Enough to Give them Shut them Up!

Zaid Ali's One Response to the Haters Commenting on his Wife was Enough to Give them Shut them Up

The internet is a dark, weird place. It is the same place where people may come to celebrate their moments with their followers and see how the rest of the clan bashes them for no reason. While someone is celebrating a happy, joyous moment, there has to be the type of people who can’t resist the idea of you being happy.

Similar to do this is what happened with Pakistani-Canadian YouTuber Zaid Ali.

Zaid was Indeed Over the Moon and Shared A Lot of Happy Moments with His Followers on Social Media

MashaAllah x 10000

MashAllah x 1000000000

The YouTuber shared the news of his marriage on social media and people were eager to see his beautiful wife. His wife, who chose to look simple, yet elegant in her wedding was then subject to cyber harassment where people mocked her looks.

As Appalling as it Sounds, it Revealed the Mentality of Pakistanis!

Such comments were seen not only as tweets but also on Zaid Ali’s pictures on his Facebook.

On the Other Hand, a Lot of Active Social Media Users were there to School these People who kept Mocking the Newly Wed

The YouTuber Finally Broke the Silence and Made a Tweet which Gave Everyone a Nice Shutup Call!

His wife chose to look simple on their wedding – no expensive, fake makeup and people, out of their habit started mocking them. If a woman decides to wear too much makeup, they still mock her.

These are the type of people who will never be the well-wishers of someone and point flaws in each and everything. They won’t ponder over their looks – and if someone else does or says something about their looks, it bothers them.

Indeed it is sad to see how this mentality still exists – people following the herd, bashing someone based on their looks. Zaid Ali’s wife is gorgeous, a simple woman who chose to keep herself simple in the wedding.

May Allah bless the couple, Ameen!

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