Zaid Ali’s Nikkah Pictures Are Out Now…

Zaid Ali must be a prettier familiar name for you, if you are a desi and use the internet. Among the first Pakistani YouTubers, Zaid Ali is a very popular name on the Pakistani internet known for his videos which make a lot of Pakistanis laugh and some, not so much. Zaid Ali who is apparently 22 got nikahfied and the internet reacted beautifully. Some were happy for him while some wondered who will wear the dupatta this time on the wedding.

The much awaited picture of Zaid Ali T and his wife is out now… The famous YouTube star uploaded his picture with his wife on Facebook just few minutes back.

All those who were wondering if he was doing all this for his new video… You were wrong. He actually got married and the proof is infront of your eyes now.

Right after his Nikkah announcement, his fans and followers started requesting him to introduce his wife to them… to which he replied:

Finally, today, he posted their picture:

Here is the video of their nikkah ceremony:

We congratulate him and wish the couple all the best.

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