The Age Difference Between Zaid Ali T And His Wife|

The Internet Is Going Gaga After Knowing The Age Difference Between Zaid Ali T And His Wife

The Internet Is Going Gaga After Knowing The Age Difference Between Zaid Ali T And His Wife

In the recent times, we have seen this BIGGEST stereotype being broken which was considered a “problem” is now being changed by many influential people. Marrying a person older in age is something which people take as a “haw haye” matter. Let alone when a girl is the older in a relationship. Imagine the fire erupting in the background when you tell your mother that you like an older girl than you. She must have regretted having you as her child. Well, some mothers can disown children in situations *beware* HA HA HA!

In the list of many influential people, Priyanka Chopra is the one who’s trending on social media for dating a MUCH MUCH younger guy! But boy, oh boy ! They look cute AF! And how can we forget the royal couple? Meghan is older than Harry and the whole world knows. Ammi ab toh maan jaein yar! Kuri bari sohni ee!!

Ary! Wait! We have a desi example as well! Yasra Rizvi? Remember? Yes, she too, married a guy 10 years younger than her. *Know that nobody died of shock listing to this and no one was injured*

Fun fact; Zaid Ali is one of those guys who stood up for what he wanted! 😉

Zaid is 23-years-old while his wifey is 27! Shocking, no? They make a perfect couple. But the best thing is that how Zaid has stood tall against all the stupid stereotypes and loves her unconditionally.

YES! Yumna Zaid is 27-years-old and she was the cutest bride EVERRRR!

However, many people found this as a reason to bash the beautiful couple. So rude!

Just turned 27 and an infinity to live with a lovely partner. OKAY, BOYS! Don’t forget to say Masha’Allah! We wish them tons of luck and prosperity. May they keep posting cute photos together. Hehe ;D

Have anything to add to the story? Let us know. 😉

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