YouTuber Zaid Ali Opens Up About His Struggles & Having Suicidal Thoughts

zaid ali suicide

If you think celebrities are born with fame and money, think again. While many celebrities have a strong family background to support them but many had to struggle for years to reach where they are now. They have endured many struggles hardships before making a mark in the world and one of them is Zaid Ali.

A young talented Pakistani YouTuber Zaid AliT is among those people who at a very young age has reached the height of success and fame after struggles. He is one of the most followed celebrities on YouTube. His videos get massive viewership across the globe. Zaid has apparently started the trend of Vlogging in Pakistan.

He is currently living a luxurious life in Canada which he proudly flaunts in his YouTube videos. But, all this success and fame didn’t come to Zaid Ali easily but after some struggles.

Zaid has worked his rigorously to build his image as one of the finest Pakistani comedians. In his recent Facebook post, he opened up about the struggle and bullies he went through at the early stage of his career. Zaid Ali also said that at some point he lost all his hopes and had suicidal thoughts in his struggle period.

Amid the ongoing pandemic, several turn to digital platforms for seeking or providing entertainment and education. In this situation, Zaid Ali videos are a treat to watch. However, Zaid Ali even after so many struggles still faces severe criticisms from his fans mostly on his personal life

Recently, when the Supreme Court of Pakistan wanted to ban on YouTube, Zaid took a sarcastic dig at the court’s decision. “YouTube should be banned in Pakistan,” he said.  “So we don’t advance as a nation. And, kids can’t educate themselves online. Our digital industry doesn’t thrive. So those sole earners from YouTube can lose their jobs,” he added.

And among everything else that could and would go wrong if the video-sharing platform were to be banned, Zaid concluded by pointing out how it would also ‘show the rest of the world how smart we are!’.


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