Zaid Ali is Sharing his Marriage Pictures with Social Media and Everyone is Loving the Couple!

The entire social media was surprised when Pakistani-Canadian YouTuber announced the news of his marriage. Many, however, thought this was one of his previous entertainment stunts where the comedian announced the news of his marriage, which was just for attraction purpose.

But this Time, it Was Real!

He Even Shared Pre-Nikkah Moments

And After He Got Nikkah-Fied

Many, on the other hand, wished to see the bride. Partially because a lot of people were wondering if this was his another stunt for YouTube video or because they were just curious to see who the lucky girl was.


The YouTuber Did Promise his Fans that He Will Share Pictures of His Bride

Just Yesterday, He Shared a Picture with His Beautiful Wife!

MashaAllah the couple indeed looks really good together.

There Were Some People (Can’t really change that lot) Who Started Spreading Negativity


Anyway, Zaid Posted a Video with his Wife and It was So Cute!


Zaid Ali gained a lot of population on social media after releasing his videos regarding the issues faced by brown children. What made his videos extremely fun was how he enacted them. His mother was also a part of his videos and many brown, desi people could relate to the videos he used to make.

On this auspicious moment, wishing Zaid Ali all the best for his newly married life. Additionally, there is no need to bat an eye over these negative comments – these people have nothing better to do!

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