Zaid Ali Has a Badass Reply for All those Who Are Calling His Wife Ugly for Her Skin Color

Zaid Ali Tariq, commonly known as Zaid Ali T, is a Pakistani-Canadian entertainer, vine star and a heartthrob of millions of desi people across the globe. Zaid rose to immense popularity in 2014 with his humorous vine videos on YouTube.

Without a doubt, the surreal rise of Zaid Ali is exceptional. His work spoke volume of his success and he inevitably amassed a fan-following of millions. The height of his popularity is incredible due to the fact he grew insanely popular among the international audience. Foreigners who would not even understand the speech settled for subtitles just to watch his entertaining videos.

Meanwhile, Zaid Ali recently got married and it was a big highlight of social media…

One cannot say more but yeah, they are really adorable as a couple

Most people found the news absolutely elating. But as usual, there are internet trolls who could not keep their hate and negativity at an arm’s length. They plagued social media with questions, criticism, and hatred towards Zaid’s wife. It was appalling to see such a large chunk of the community actively on the look for pointing out unfiltered criticism with their comments.

What’s worse is that it continues to happen… Every time Zaid gives an update on his married life with a picture or a video, people, out of nowhere flock to subject their hate towards his wife. Previously, he had had enough of the bashing and comments that he decided to break his silence and speak about it.

However, people still resort to lodging their shambolic views and comments. Once again, they targeted Zaid and his wife and it’s equally distressing to think why people are like that. It all happened when Zaid Ali T shared a picture of him and his wife in Lahore besides Badshaahi Mosque and man, they look amazing together!

What a picture, seriously!

Now we are not going to point out the negative engagement on this post because we have already seen it. What’s rather better that we point out the kickass response by Zaid to all the keyboard warriors out there.

Here we go – *shots fired*

He summed up everything really well. It’s 2018 and people are still not over complexion. Colonial mindsets everywhere.


HAHAHAHAHAHA now that’s hilarious

Zaid makes a valid point here and we so wish all the internet trolls could just hear him out. It’s ironic and on point!

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