Pakistani-Canadian Youtuber Zaid Ali gets Married|

Pakistani-Canadian Youtuber Zaid Ali gets Married and Here’s how People Reacted

Pakistani-Canadian Youtuber Zaid Ali gets Married and Here's how People Reacted

Zaid Ali is a prettier familiar name if you are a desi and use the internet. Among the first Pakistani YouTubers Zaid Ali is a very popular name on the Pakistani internet known for his videos which make a lot of Pakistanis laugh and some, not so much. Zaid Ali who is apparently 22 got nikahfied and the internet reacted beautifully. Some were happy for him while some wondered who will wear the dupatta this time on the wedding.

It all started from here.

On 8th August Zaid tweeted that he is getting married in 19 days and all the Zaid Ali fan girls obviously lost it. And rightly so.

Yup that’s exactly how they reacted to the news.

And that reminds us, what a beautiful song that was from the movie Bichhoo.

Some were really happy for him.

Main Hoon Rabia Anum.

Geo News anchor Rabia Anum shared some words of wisdom too. Well of course it should be the best feeling ever. Totally.

One day to go.

So apparently Zaid was pretty excited about his nikah. Like a kid, who has been promised a remote controlled car on his birthday and he just can’t sleep with excitement.

No big deal.

Some people were worried about their own sleep.

And it’s done.

As soon as he tweeted this Twitter could hear the sounds of heartbreaks all over. Well obviously “Zaid ‘bhai’ aap ne apni fans ko dhoka de diya”.


If you watch Zaid Ali’s videos you must be aware of his dupatta collection. His wife’s lucky. So lucky to have a husband she can share dupattas with.

And finally he posted the picture.

Aw please say mashllah. Zaid looked happy and pretty on his nikah day.

But nope, they still could not believe.

Zaid Ali, Lord of Dupattas, First of His Name, Breaker of the Hearts.

All good Pakistani men are offended.

Let the man have laddoo, fam.

And a fellow Youtuber and friend Shahveer Jaffery was spotted having laddoo at the back on his nikah and twitter thought it was worth pointing it out.

So Zaid Ali finally and we hope genuinely tied the knot this time and it’s not one of his trolls. We wish him all the best and the happiness to him and bhabhi.

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