‘I Should Be Married & Have Kids’ – Zahir Jaffer Pleads For Mercy After Court Indicts Him

court indicts zahir jaffer

A local court on Thursday indicts Zahir Jaffer, the prime accused in the Noor Mukadam murder case, his parents, and other accused.

During yesterday’s hearing, the court indicts the prime accused Zahir Jaffer along with his parents, Zakir Jaffer and Ismat Adamjee, their three household staff, and six Therapy Works employees.

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Following the indictment, all of them pleaded not guilty to the charges. At this, the court summoned the prosecution’s witnesses on October 20 to start the trial.

As the hearing began, Zakir — the father of the prime accused — filed a request to the court. He asked it not to proceed with the indictment. His lawyer, Rizwan Abbasi, maintained that no evidence had been provided to his client on the basis of which charges could be framed against Zakir.

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He added that the evidence produced before the court could not be linked to Zakir.

Meanwhile, the counsel for Noor’s father, Shaukat Mukadam, argued that the evidence could be examined during the trial. He added that at this stage, the court was only indicting the accused and not handing out sentences to them. He pleaded with the court to dismiss Zakir’s request and indict the accused.

Zahir pleads for mercy

Zahir requested the court multiple times to let him make a phone call, without specifying whom he wanted to call. He stated that he had committed the crime and said “I did it” repeatedly, adding that the firearm used belonged to his father.

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The prime accused then made an astonishing claim and stated that Noor had “presented herself for sacrifice and it is permissible in Islam”.

Zahir asked for forgiveness from Shaukat during the hearing. “My life is in danger. Have mercy on me,” he said. He also pleaded before the judge to change his sentence to house arrest as he “cannot go back to prison” as he “gets beaten up in jail”.

“I do not want to die behind bars,” he said. “I should be married have kids.” He stated that the lawyer’s remarks were baseless and pleaded to be pardoned.

“Noor and I had fought. It was my fault, but she was also angry,” he claimed. Zahir also attempted to speak to Noor’s father. He alleged that he and Noor were in love and had been in a relationship for three years. “My life is in your hands, you can save me,” he said to the victim’s father, adding that he did not mind if Shaukat wanted to take his life.

Following the exchange. the court initially reserved its judgment on the indictment of the accused, but later framed charges against them.

Noor, 27, was found murdered at a residence in Islamabad’s upscale Sector F-7/4 on July 20.

Story Courtesy: Express Tribune

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