‘Plenty Of Snakes In The Garden’ – Actor Zahid Ahmed Strikes Back At Reham Khan

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In recent few weeks, the former wife of PTI chairman Imran Khan, Reham Khan, has been in the news for taking digs at the former prime minister ever since he was ousted from his government.

Taking to Twitter on Saturday, Reham shared her two cents on how Imran has ‘served better to the enemies of the state than Kulbhushan Jadhav. Responding to a tweet, she shared, “He won’t stop! We should stop giving him so much attention. Let’s focus on the road ahead. Let’s focus on unifying the nation.”

Actor Zahid Ahmed took to Instagram and called out Reham on the same tweet. “How about we stop giving you attention, Reham Khan.” He then added, “I mean there are plenty of other snakes in the garden.”

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Perhaps this would not be the first time Reham was referred to as a snake. In the wake of the no-confidence motion against Imran Khan earlier, celebrities who came out in support of him received ridiculing comments from Reham. However, actor Muneeb Butt always hit back at the journalist with befitting responses.

Having called Reham a graceless ex in the past, Muneeb recently slammed Reham once again following a controversy with actor Mishi Khan, who called out Reham for her statements against showbiz celebs extending support to the former premier. Retorting to the journalist, Muneeb said that he would like to cast her as ‘Naagin’ in a serial he plans on producing.

Reham Khan continues to scorn her ex-husband

An old interview of the former couple earlier circulated on Twitter, where Imran said that he would divorce Reham if she ever asked for an expensive bag.

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“It could be the world’s most beautiful woman, but if she doesn’t pay any heed to what’s happening in the society, the injustice around us, how people are dying and only cares about wearing expensive clothes and carrying costly handbags – I hate such women.”

The host then inquires if Reham wishes to wear expensive clothes, the former PM quipped, “If Reham tells me to gift her a Rs 10 lac bag, I would divorce her,” as Reham laughed along.

Reacting to the same clip, Reham retorted, “I put up with a lot of stupid remarks in my marriages! The ironic thing is I have never actually bought a handbag or asked for one as I find it cumbersome.” She concluded, “But then speaking the truth has never been his forte.”

On the other hand, Saba Qamar, Humayun Saeed, Rohail Hyatt, Shaan Shahid, and Samina Peerzada, among many, continue to back the skipper.

Many celebs also took to the streets in support of the ousted former PM at the PTI jalsa in Karachi as well as the one in Lahore.

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