Zaheen Tahira’s Family Confirms That She Is Doing Better Now

zaheen tahira family

Just a few days back, the news regarding the actress’s sudden cardiac arrest had the entire Pakistan mourning but now the incident has been settled. Zaheen Tahira’s family has updated that she is doing quite well. “She is recovering and doing better. She has also started to talk now,” they have confirmed. When the unexpected news of her admission in Agha Khan Hospital was live, people were expressing their concern all over social media.



It is no secret that Zaheen Tahira’s family has also suffered immensely because of the sudden attack and the news of her recovering has been comforting for a lot of people.

The Grief Associated With The Initial News:

Considering everyone went wild with prayers once hearing she was suffering and on a ventilator. Therefore, hearing the news of her recovery is helping Pakistani’s by reassuring that the legendary actress is still with the country.

zaheen tahira family

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Beforehand, Actor Imran Abbas had expressed his concern regarding her condition, when he published a message, “The Legendary Actress Zaheen Tahira admitted in Agha Khan Hospital due to a serious heart attack” he further added in “And she needs our prayers as she is on a ventilator. Please Pray for her recovery,”

Moreover, most of Twitter had been mourning the report of her breathing through a ventilator. Tahira is Pakistan’s prominent actress who has worked in about 700 dramas where her every role has been impressive and not in vain. This puts her in the category of  Pakistani legendary actors.

Many are still inspired by her hard work to maintain the amazing position she has within the Pakistani entertainment industry. This is why people are in shock for so long because Pakistan does not want to lose any more of these legends. Her work has taught people the real essence of acting. In addition, her dedication towards her acting career shows as she has strongly prevailed her position on the television screens.More so, Even the other so-called Pakistani legendary actors look up to her passion.

Also, Shabbir Jan mentions in an interview with good morning Pakistan regarding Tahira’s situation and how she’s handling it. He says that she is a ‘strong woman’ or in his own words, “Zaheen Tahira Ek Bahadur Khatoon Hai”

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Twitter Reacts:

The confirmation news from Zaheen Tahira’s family regarding her recovery is still in the air so many Pakistani’s are unfamiliar with her situation after her heart attack. Everyone is wishing for her to recover as quickly as possible. Here are some of the sad reactions of Twitter users towards the first report of her suffering a cardiac arrest, which put her on a ventilator:



This user just wishes for a quick recovery, “So depressing to hear about Zaheen Tahira Sahiba’s cardiac arrest and subsequent admission in the hospital. She’s one of the most hardworking individuals and a true face of real women empowerment. Prayers from the bottom of the heart for her fast recovery. Regards, Sarfaraz”

Again, people are depressed from the initial news, “Zaheen Tahira Aapa has been admitted to a hospital in Karachi on Sunday due to cardiac issues. Our thoughts and prayers are with you as we wish for a complete and restful recovery. Ameen”



We hope that Zaheen Tahira’s family also gets to see peace soon. What do you think of the situation? Share your thoughts.

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