Yumna Zaid Defends Her Husband In Response To Maheen Taseer’s Tweet And Woah!

Reham Khan’s erupted fire has spread far far away! She is the MOST controversial personality on the internet is trending from last few months. At first when Imran Khan married for the 3rd time. It was Rehman who was giving the media chunks of information on IK has been married to Bushra Maneka for quite a few months now and many other things.

Later, she started giving “opinions” about Bushra’s parda and her way of conduct. Not to forget her libelous book. The book that contained so much that one can claim to know Imran Khan from his childhood. LOL!

From last few days, Zaid Ali and Reham Khan are having their part of “tu-tu-mein-mein” over the internet and it just got bad. Zaid, very innocently tweeted about how the only dua he makes before he goes to sleep is that he may never end up with an ex like Reham Khan. To which, Reham like a bari apa, said I’ll make dua for you to never end up with a drug abuser and a cheat. So, she was actually being smart and in the conversation trying to tell Zaid that it was IK who was corrupt not me. And it was she who got rid of a bad spouse, not IK!. Fair enough.

So the tweets were deleted by Reham Khan. After calling Imran Khan a drug abuser.

And that was the moment when Zaid hit the nail and reminded Reham how she deleted her previous tweet being under the “influence” Oppss!


Ohooo! Really?

During the Twitter war came another person who no one expected. Maheen Taseer, the wife of Salman Taseer and CEO of a clothing brand MGT. She tried shutting Zaid down by telling how he should stick to the profession he’s known for and is good at it.

She also said that Zaid should be grateful for his wife!

So, the wife came to the ground too! Yumna last night wrote on her Instagram story by pasting Maheen’s tweet; she said how people who don’t even know her tell her husband how to behave in the relationship.

Also, Yumna said that Zaid shouldn’t be told how to treat me


Okay, that was an INDEED a great debate. Of moral, ethics, etiquettes which were applied nowhere! 😀 LOL Seems like this will continue long. What do you guys think? Let us know in the comments. Cheers. 😉

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