YouTuber Irfan Junejo Quits Full-Time Vlogging Career!

Irfan Junejo Quits Vlogging

Considered to be one of the most famous vloggers of Pakistan, Irfan Junejo holds a massive following on social platforms. Since the Youtuber has been out of the spotlight for quite some time now, fans were eagerly waiting for his return. However, this week, the audience-favorite Youtuber Irfan Junejo posted news of him quitting full-time vlogging.

Pakistani vlogger Irfan Junejo quits his full-time vlogging career!

It was indeed a shocking revelation from the Youtuber as the admirers were expecting another great. Previously, Irfan Junejo’s stance on raising his voice about Kashmir didn’t go well with the public at all. Recently, Junejo called it ‘quits’ from a full-time vlogging career through a six-minute long video he shared on his official Youtube channel.

Here’s what Irfan Junejo has to say on his ‘unexpected’ decision!

Certainly, in the posted video, the vlogger has explained the reason behind his sudden exit from the frame and what made him do it. Beginning with him not taking part in any social event anymore, Irfan Junejo shared his vlogging journey. Further, Junejo announced that he has even deactivated his Twitter account and doesn’t even use the camera much.

”Main ab kisi bhi event pe nahin jata!”

Calling it an ‘existential crisis’, Irfan Junejo stated, ”Main ab kisi bhi event pe nahin jata. Main kisi award ceremony pe nahin jata. Mujhe kisi bhi podcast ki invitation aati hai main nahin jata. Main ne Twitter chor diya hai aur main ne camera use karna bohat kam kar diya hai”.

Irfan Junejo Quits Vlogging

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Moreover, the Youtuber shared his achievements in the field and how vlogging helped him fulfill his life dreams. Recalling the time when he git he chance to travel with world-class football stars, Junejo concluded at his dream bike. Particularly, Irfan Junejo expressed, ”Ronaldhinio se milnay se le kar apni dream bike khareedna”, he has done it all through vlogging.

Irfan Junejo calls himself ‘vanilla’!

Apparently, the ‘existential crisis’ kicked in after Irfan Junejo crossed the 500k subscribers on his official YouTube.  Elaborating his internal issues, he said, ”Ek larka jo kisi waqt mein full of life aur optimistic hota tha, ab woh din ba din ziada se ziada vanilla hota ja raha hai aur yeh sub bhi vlogging ki waja se hua hai”.

Irfan Junejo Quits Vlogging


”I wanted a concrete answer. Why would anyone quit when they are considered the best in the business, When it comes to vlogging”, he added. However, Junejo maintained that vlogs are no longer an important part of his life but he will be making similar content whenever he would feel like.

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”Vlogs are no longer the focus of my life. I will make whatever I want to make and I will make it whenever I want to make”, he concluded. Ending the video message, Irfan Junejo thanked his viewers who love his work and support him at every step.

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