YouTuber Daud Kim Builds Mosque in South Korea

YouTuber Daud Kim Builds Mosque in South Korea

Popular YouTuber and devout Muslim Daud Kim, formerly known as Jay Kim, has fulfilled his dream of building a mosque in Incheon, South Korea. In a heartfelt video, Kim showed the stages of the mosque’s construction on Yongjong Island and introduced the team who helped him.

On Instagram, Kim expressed his gratitude and joy, writing, “Alhamdulillah I finally did it. With your help, I made a home of Allah (SWT). Thank you.”

Kim encouraged his followers to support his mission and volunteer, highlighting the community-driven nature of the project. He shared moments from the mosque’s opening, where he and other worshippers offered prayers.

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The journey to build the mosque faced many challenges. Kim bought the land for $136,500, funded mostly by donations. However, he faced opposition from local residents in Incheon, which led to the landowner canceling the contract.

Despite these obstacles, Daud Kim remained determined. He overcame the controversy and local resistance, successfully building the mosque. His perseverance has been praised by his followers and supporters, who have seen his dedication to creating a place of worship.

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