‘YouTube Pulse Pakistan 2019 ‘ Revealed Some Eye-Opening Insights About YouTube And We’re Absolutely Stunned!

Just a few years ago, access to YouTube was banned in Pakistan which shocked almost shocked every Pakistani. The news was indeed heartbreaking. However, the ban was lifted in January 2016 after three long years. Imagine surviving without YouTube nowadays? Scary, isn’t it?

Favorite video-streaming platform

Ever since then, YouTube has become the most favorite video-streaming platform for Pakistanis leading by 45 points against the second popular video-streaming. And well, let’s just say that the number of Pakistani YouTubers is on the increase and it is increasing rapidly!

YouTube Pulse in Pakistan

Just recently, in a press meet, YouTube, after the arrival of ‘YouTube Pulse’ in Pakistan shared the results of its Profiling Study for Pakistan. YouTube collaborated with Kantar TNS, market research and information group. Although the research was completed in  September 2018, the results were revealed in the YouTube Pulse event that took place in January 2019.

The event was very insightful as the Head of Ads Marketing for Pakistan – Lars M. B. Anthonisen and Associate Product Marketing Manager – Gabe Jimenez, shared some interesting insights from the study and how Pakistani YouTube users interact on this platform.

In case you missed the YouTube Pulse event, watch this video for more insights!

During the press meet, the Google officials also shared the inspiring story of Kitchen with Amna, a YouTube food channel started by three siblings. In July 2018, Amna became the first Pakistani women YouTuber to receive the YouTube Gold Play Button. She currently boasts 1.7 million subscribers and represents how quality content has the potential to change livelihoods.

Check out Amna’s story!

It is indeed amazing to see how YouTube has evolved over the years and it’s become a great source for unique marketing and advertising opportunities for all the brands out there.

The more the eyeballs, the better it is!

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