Pakistani Parents Need To Know That Youtube Is Not Safe For Their Children Anymore!

With the world now becoming a global village, there is no limit to outreach. Social media and digital forums like Facebook, Twitter and Youtube have indeed shrunk the distances between the West and the East. Pakistani parents need to realize that not everything that is accessible is good for their children in today’s age.

Youtube is the world’s fastest growing and the largest digital forum where anybody can upload a video and earn money from it. Home to different categories and channels, Pakistani parents, especially mothers, use it as a tool to distract their children and make them watch their favorite cartoons, shows and other popular videos that are based on content for children.

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Certain toy and cartoon channels, that appear like versions of popular characters that are fit for children, contain inappropriate content that is not fit for adults, let alone children. So, do you really know what your kids are watching on Youtube?

These ‘toy channels’ pop on your children’s recommended videos and well, they are anything but fit for them. The videos contain subliminal messages and content that sees popular characters from your kids’ favorite cartoons, doing inappropriate things.


Usually, the landing page features photos of cute toddlers alongside popular characters such as Elsa or Spiderman, and the videos on the channels have titles like ‘Naked Hulk Loses His Pants’. These videos are reenacted by Youtubers who go a little far to get views and subscribers for their videos.

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Many Pakistani moms resort to Youtube as a tool of distraction for their kids while they manage affairs of the house. Parents think Youtube is a safe medium where nudity and pornography are not available, but modern Youtubers have found a loophole and are now working towards increasing their views through inappropriate manners. These videos do not have any warning or disclaimer on them and are hidden under clickbait pictures of cartoons.

So, if you really think Youtube is safe for your children, you’ve got it wrong. If you think your children are ‘growing up too fast’ and learning things you haven’t been teaching them, you now know what’s helping them grow before they should. A good way to curb this vice is by downloading content on your computers or tablets before your children see them, so you can control what they are watching.

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