12 Ways I Am Your Typical “Muhally Ka Bacha”

12 Ways I Am Your Typical “Muhally Ka Bacha”

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I am someone who grew in front of you. Without your knowledge, I sometimes was an invisible pain-in-the-neck. Sometimes I helped you. Sometimes you complained to my father about my behavior. Our families met when we shifted from far town or when our mothers were shopping together and got to know later that, Oh, we live just blocks away.

Then, with the passage of time, we were sending each other pakorey, Dahi Bhally during Ramzan and our fathers went to the Masjid together. And so on!

But there is always more to the story, Isn’t it? 12 time I proved I am none-other than your typical Muhally ka Bacha. (Sometimes you knew, Sometimes you didn’t know it was me)

Harkat No.1


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I have ringed your bell almost every day and ran away with the speed of light.

Yup That was me.

Harkat No.2


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I’m the shareef kid who doesn’t speak in the “Muhallah Gatherings”

(But I am constantly chatting with my friend about you Guys. 😀

Harkat No.3


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When I was a kid, I had targeted pedestrians (Specially Sceptical Old Men)  with my “Ghuleel”

Harkat No.4


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If someone messed up your garden and didn’t leave one motiye ka phool, Now you know who did it. 🙂

Harkat No.5


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Also, I was the Sar ka Dard for the Local Mali who hated me from the core of his heart. (We had intense fights and I was rarely welcomed in the local ground)

Harkat No.6


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I came once in a week to get my Cricket Ball (Roasting at your rooftop)

Harkat No.7


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One of your family members (Mother, Father, Brother or Sister) taught me maths/ science/ English at least once. I was your tuition wala nalaiq bacha.

Harkat No.8


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I bought “Nayaz k Chawal” at your place and asked you politely to return the plates.

Harkat No.9


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Your dad has scolded me multiple times for becoming too “Lafantar”

Harkat No.10


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I played cricket with your friends, brothers, and Cousins

Harkat No.11


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I have repaired your “PC/ Smart Phones” a few Times.

Harkat No.12


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I bought jalebis, rotian, or tamatar for you when your Abba or Bhai were not at home.

Above are just a few examples but we all know many of the kids who fit this description. After all, it;s not a one Kid’s story, it is the tale of every one of us. You and I, we all are the “Muhally k Bachy” and the elders, dada jees, and nana jees own us!

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