Attention Pakistanis! Your Parents Can Now Find Out What You’ve Been Searching on Facebook

Well. Well. Well. If you use Facebook for some really weird things to search, you might need to take another look at your actions. Seriously, guys, the internet has space of an ocean; why search weird stuff on Facebook?

When did you guys receive a Facebook update on your smartphone the last time?

If you have been paying attention, Mr. Zuckerberg and company just integrated a new feature on Facebook which is going to spill the beans! All those things you search on Facebook will be right across the world to see.

This is a pervert’s worst nightmare!

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How does it work?

Just casually stalking my crush today, I entered her name in the search tab of the Facebook app on my phone. What I saw then totally left me astounded! Top searches from Pakistan, lined up below in a list format. And you what I found out as top search shook me to bits. If you have experienced the horror of Pakistani YouTube, you would probably understand what I am talking about.

Try this once: Erase your browsing history as well as cache. Open YouTube and see what kind of videos are being displayed on your homepage. You know what’s the direct link here? YouTube actually filters out content that has been searched the most in your region. Now coming back to Facebook… 

Here’s what shall cause a mayhem soon!

Check it out:

We cannot ignore. We cannot ignore. XXXX gold? The heck, guys? What are you searching on the social network? Creepy.

Imagine if your parents come across this feature and see the kind of stuff search mostly. XXXX videos? We all are surely dead! What if they ask you to show you who the heck is Uncle Majboor? Are you going to tell him what kind of intentions he has for Rabia? Pfft.

This is a wakeup call for all those who use Facebook for all weird kinds of searches.

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