Your Close Ones Might Be Suffering From Mental Illness, Here’s How To Help Them…

how to help mental illness

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For quite some time, I have been witnessing people commitsuicide, and some of the reasons are still unknown to everyone. Unfortunately, we cannot curb it. Suffering meaning in Urdu is ‘Takleef’, feelings of mental or physical pain. Many times, we notice that the people who are close to us are suffering from mental illness (due to any other reason), but what we do frequently? If we find someone who needs help mentally or emotionally, we just utter few typical quotes, comparing them with the destitute people that someone else suffering more than you do, or started to judge them due to any mental illness. Do you know how to help people with mental illness?

Here we are being erroneous with them, showing your sympathetic side with them might help them to some extent but the root cause will remain the same. Suggesting them to pray, to remain patient, judging them for having a mental toughness issue will only worsen the situation instead of making it any better. The person might feel that you are only playing with your words.

how to help people mental illness

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I am not saying that don’t not talk positive or sympathizing with them but try to take assistance from medical. It would be the most substantial favor for them because laying word games do not help the person who is suffering.

mental illness

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There can be many mental illness causes like challenging family behaviour, rough childhood, isolation by society and so on. So, can mental illness be cured?

It is not any shame to seek help from Psychiatrists to counter your mental issues, it is same as we suffer from fever or flu and seek medical help from a General Physician. Very few people talk about mental health awareness. Try to bring awareness that people who need your help in countering their psychological sickness be more practical.

So, how to help your loved one with depression or any other mental illness. Indeed, religion aids in this situation as well (I completely agree) but medical aid is compulsory in this case. Losing or let them suffer alone this issue might be hazardous for them. Be more concern towards them because they are masking their emotions but let them blow out the thoughts that bother. This is how to help people suffering from mental illness!

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